10 Jutsu That Can Kill The User In Naruto

Kills the user

Hey everyone! I’m back with another ever interesting NarutoVerse list. Today’s list contains the top 10 jutsu that can kill the user in Naruto. We have seen some jutsu that gives it’s user extraordinary amount of power and destroy or disable his enemies but they end up killing the user as well. So, without further delay let us begin this list about the jutsu that can kill the user.

10. Twin Snakes Mutual Deathjutsu the kills the user
After getting instructed by Orochimaru, Anko Mitrashi executes this jutsu. By joining their own hand to that of the rival, the user constructs a seal to summon two snakes that bite both the user and the rival, resulting in their deaths. Anko performed it on Orochimaru, let’s not forget how miserably she failed it.

9. One’s Own Life Reincarnationkill the user
On the number 9 of this list, we have granny Chiyo’s reanimation jutsu. She exerted the power of this jutsu to bring Gaara back to life after Shukaku was removed from within him. This jutsu also shifted her whole chakra and life force into Gaara, resulting in her own death. Moreover, Chiyo’s would have lived if there was some life left in Gaara, because Gaara was dead, reviving the Kazekage of the sand costed Chiyo her life.

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