10 Fights We Never Got To See In Naruto

Naruto series was filled with awesome fights. But, there were some fights we never got to see. Here’s a list of all the epic fights that would’ve been fun to watch.
Let’s begin—
10. Jiraiya vs Itachi
Jiraiya vs Itachi was hinted in Naruto when the two faced off during Jiraiya and Naruto’s search for Tsunade. Although they didn’t actually fight, it would’ve been great had they gone all out right there.

9. Minato vs Tobirama
Two great Hokage known for their speed and reflexes. Minato and Tobirama both used the Flying Raijin technique as their primary technique. If they actually fight, i doubt if we can even see them.


  1. I feel cheated because this list didn’t include minato vs itachi though they’d have no reason to fight it’d still be great

  2. I’m sorry but about first one, You couldn’t have shouldn’t have watched fight between Itachi and Jiraiya at their full power, because Itachi doesn’t want that throughout the anime

    • Of course he didn’t. The fact is that during the Naruto Series (excluding Shippuden), Itachi wasn’t shown to be the great Shinobi of Konoha he was. The build up to their fight was there, its just that they didn’t fight.


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