Top 10 Most Emotional Deaths In One Piece

Hey guys! One Piece is filled with emotional deaths that brings tears to our eyes. So today I bring to you a list on 10 most emotional deaths in One Piece. Enjoy!

NOTE: This list is not RANKED
10. Otohime
She was the former Queen of Fishman island. She was a very kind and joyful person and she cared about her kingdom more the anyone. Otohime was killed by Hody Jones. All she wanted was to coexist with humans but racial hatred saw to her death. When Otohime died, the whole Fishman kingdom mourned, as it was one of the most emotional deaths.

9. Fisher Tiger’s death
Fisher Tiger was a former slave of the World Nobles who later escaped from them. Later went to Mariejois and freed all the slaves, including the humans.
He later became the captain of the Sun Pirates. when he was delivering Koala to her home, he was ambushed by Marines but he got injured fighting Kizaru, and then died on the ship.


  1. The going merry, Corazon…those deaths brought tears to my eyes. The saddest for me being Ace’s death. He didn’t want to die for one, second he didn’t get to see Sabo again and to top it all off he died in Luffy’s arms. Luffy’s crying made me cry. Emotional rollercoaster pple!! ?


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