Why The Yonko Are STRONGER Than Marine Admirals – Explained

Hey guys, in the recent days, I’ve seen many One Piece fans argue about who are stronger, the Yonkou, or the Navy’s Strongest Military force, the Marine Admirals. In today’s article, I will be giving my opinion about this topic, but I won’t force it on you, because obviously, you will have your own opinion. So, without any further ado, let’s begin. First let me describe who Marine Admirals and Yonkou are.

Admirals reside in the Marines, and are the strongest military force in the world. There are three Admirals in total, and they have the second highest rank in the Marines. The first Admiral was introduced at Long Ring Long Island. The Admirals are a part of the Navy forces, and hence, are also a part of the Three Super Powers in One Piece. Moreover, they are called the strongest fighters in the World Government’s forces.

Marine Admirals
On the other hand, the Yonkō, or the Four Emperors, who reside in The New World, are one of the Three Great Powers just like the Marines. They are the four most Strongest, and notorious Pirates in the whole world. Yonkou are the rulers of the New World, and have total control over the New World.

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  1. Nice theory bro. People who are talking that admirals are stronger than yonku are just fools . They cant think coz of no brain

  2. in my opinion bro, i think shanks is the most powerful in yonko, its because shanks didnt have a devil fruit…. like Monkey D. Dragon And Garp And even Rayleigh dont have the power of devil fruits… all they have is the conquerors haki that they put on the high level of it…

  3. Whitebeard v Akainu. Akainu got outclassed; it was simply his tenacity and aggressiveness that got him out but he got fucked up by an injured, sick and old whitebeard.


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