Hardest Strawhats Quiz You Will Ever Take!

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Hey guys! The entire story of One Piece revolves around the Straw Hat crew. Their leader Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the series. So, today I’m gonna text your knowledge about the Straw Hats. Just enter your email id and you can take the quiz. Good luck!

Welcome to your Straw Hats Quiz



1) Who has the least bounty amongst the Straw Hats?20161006102240
2) Along with Nami, who else was scared of insects on Jaya?20161006105603
3) Which brand of cigarette does Sanji smoke?20161006104418
4) What was Nico Robin's initial bounty?20161006105159
5) Oda had originally planned another name for Sanji. What was the name?20160701034312
6) Where did Kuma send Franky?20161006105432
7) The Thousand Sunny is made of a special kind of wood. What is the name of the wood?20161006105906
8) According to Oda, whad would Usopp's nationality be if he lived in the real world?
9) Along with Luffy who else claims to have never fallen sick in their life?
10) According to the SBS, what would Nami be if she weren't a pirate?httpvignette3_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimages22fNami_Post_Timeskip_Portrait


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