Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries In Naruto

6. Missed Becoming Hokage ?
Danzō the leader of the Foundation that wanted to protect Konohagakure by any means necessary. Also, he wanted to become Hokage. Since he was considered one of the elders of village, where was he when Third Hokage died? Why didn’t he cease the opportunity to become Hokage? I’m afraid no explanation was provided for this question.

5. Women Jinchuuriki
We know the seal of a Jinchuuriki weakens over time, and it is the weakest when a woman gives birth. Thus, at that time, the Tailed Beast can break loose, and in the process kill both the woman and her child, AND destroy the village there after. Why let women be Jinchuuriki in the first place, when it has a big to their own life, along with the babies? I think making a woman a Jinchuuriki is absurd, and could put everyone in danger, including the village.

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