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Welcome to your One Piece Quiz

1) httpsi_ytimg_comvif1gmawead8gmaxresdefault
What is the Meaning of the name "Kizaru"?
2) httpsupload_wikimedia_orgwikipediaenccbmonkey_d_luffy
What was Luffy's first bounty?
3) httpimg01_deviantart_net1149i20143157froronoa_zoro_by_banpap_by_trishas1law-d863jzg
Which was Zoro's first sword
4) httpvignette3_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimagescc0yoru_infobox
What is the name of Mihawk's swords?
5) httpvignette1_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimagesbb6red_hair_pirates_at_marineford
Which is the only member of the Red Hair Pirates with a known bounty?
6) filelaw-delivers-100-hearts
How many hearts did Law give to the World Government?
7) httpimg2_wikia_nocookie_net__cb20110130154637onepieceimagesarchive22a20110130154702capone_bege_portrait
What is the name of Capone's Devil Fruit?
8) httpvignette2_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimages778marshall_d__teach_anime_infobox
What was the Bounty of Blackbeard when he joined the Shichibukai?
9) httpami_animecharactersdatabase_comuploadschars5457-234607654
Where was Ace born?
10) sengoku-attacks-the-blackbeard-pirates
What types of Devil Fruit Does Sen Goku have?


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