Guys here is the list of Chakra construct-avatar which have appeared throughout the series. This ranking reflects both the power and abilities of the constructs listed. This ability of using chakra to create humongous Avatars is exclusive to Naruto and its sequels. Read on to know more about the combat abilities of these Constructs.

10. Perfect SusanooRelated image

This Gigantic Avatar is one the main reasons why the Five Kages gave up hope against fighting the Legendary Madara Uchiha. Its Rampage doesn’t even spare Landscapes such as mountain, River etc. It can also destroy Meteoroids when enhanced by Six-Paths Yin Seal. This construct can also fly further increasing its usefulness. Although the minimum requirement for obtaining this susanoo is Mangeykyou Sharingan. The users often need Eternal Mangeykyou to hone their Visual skills and Perfect the Susanoo. Especially since health problems attached to Mangeykyou Sharingan like constant body pain and blindness makes it difficult to perfect this ability.

Here are some of strongest version version of this avatar.

Hagoromo’s Susanoo

Related imageThis First one is Hagoromo’s Susanoo from the filler fight between the mother and son. As you can see its much bigger than typical susanoo and bigger than the Ten-tails. Clearly this susanoo is strongest when it comes to Raw power.(Especially amongst the ones shown upto now.)

Kakashi’s Susanoo

Related image

Kakashi awakened susanoo thanks to Obito Uchiha. This helped him to take down the strongest avatar seen in the series Unstable Ten-Tails. This form is capable of absorbing anything Chakra, Ninjutsu or even Whole humans with simple contact. Kakashi was able to sever its hands and take it down with the Kamui Shuriken. It was the power of this susanoo which helped the Duo cover the power gap between them and Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.

9. Wood Golem

Related image

Wood Human is another name of this technique. In order to further enhance the destructive capability Hashirama would often equip it with the Wood Dragon. In Data-book this technique is the Equivalent of Perfect Susanoo. Madara and Hashirama often used to fight with them and Hashirama would win by hair breadth lengths. The use of Wood dragon helps in absorbing the chakra of the opponent’s Chakra construct and further enhance the Golem.

8. Tailed Beast Mode-Kurama AvatarRelated image

This avatar is the result of the cooperation of Naruto gaining Kurama’s trust. This allows Naruto to use his Biju mode and fight against other chakra constructs. In this form Naruto can even use Bijudama and Kurama’s brute force. Senjutsu is used to further enhance the already awesome power of this mode. Naruto can also use chakra arms or even share chakra with others by giving them chakra after enhancing it to their chakra signatures. One of the unique features of this mode is the ability to sense Negative emotion.

Other Bijus also offer the ability to enter this state similar to Kurama. Although the extent of chakra merging between the Biju and Jinchuriki is dependent on the type of seal between them. Killer Bee has Iron clad seal which is noted to be weaker than the Seal on Naruto (The Tetragram seal). This means that Bee is in more danger to Biju rampage than Naruto although such discrepancies disappear when Jinchuriki gains Bijus cooperation. Also unlike Kurama other Bijus have their unique Kekkei Genkai which arguably makes their Biju Mode much more exciting and useful than Kurama’s Biju mode.

7. Hamura’s Golem

Image result for Hamura Golem

Toneri was able to animate this guardian Hamura statue with the Tenseigan. The control of this avatar is result of awakening the Tenseigan. This Guardian avatar protects the Tenseigan Vessel and the wielder from all harms. The first use was in the movie Naruto the Last. The Golem was able to fight on par with Kurama. It can heal itself from the debris and can control the meteorites. However once Toneri was defeated, Kurama was able to send it in orbit with a tailed beast bomb.

6. Momoshiki’s Monkey Rock

Image result for momoshiki ōtsutsuki Rock golem

Momoshiki inherited this Rock Golem after eating his guardian Kinshiki Otsutsuki. Lava makes up the core while the Rock surrounds it like a armour. This form was able to overwhelm Naruto’s Tailed Beast mode quite easily though thanks to other jutsu released by Momoshiki’s Rinnegan ability. Kaguya apparently knew the weakness of this technique as she had information about it in the scroll stowed away in her palace. Sasuke is able to retrieve the scroll and decipher its content. He figures out Momoshiki and Kinshiki’s motive from the scroll as well as device a strategy to counter Momoshiki’s Monkey Golem. This Idea of cladding Susanoo onto Kurama avatar helps them defeat this fearsome Monkey Golem in the movie.

5. Majestic Attire SusanooImage result for majestic attire susanoo

This avatar is one of the most recurring avatar in the series. Also known as Kurama Susanoo this is best combination move in the arsenal of Naruto and Sasuke. Its first use was by Madara and Kurama in an attempt to defeat Hashirama in the final valley. Though attempt was failure as Shinsuusenju was able to demolish it. This avatar also in use against the Ten-tails Jinchuriki Obito where they successfully extracted the Bijus. In Boruto the movie this form fought against Momoshiki’s Golem and overpowered the Golem.

4. ShinsuusenjuRelated image

This avatar is one of the most humongous and powerful ones in the series. The true extent of this technique is still unknown. But it has shown to overcome both Majestic Attire Susanoo and Perfect Susanoo easily. Regardless one might call it epitome of the Wood Release. Its a technique without any parallel and its known to have deep symbolism with Buddhism and Taoism. Also it may have some sort of connection to Welcoming Approach: Thousand-Armed Murder considering the number of blows. But this fact is yet to be confirmed. Regardless no list can be complete without the mention of this technique

Related image

3. Indra’s SusanooRelated image

Sasuke after realizing that he can’t beat Naruto with his full power pumps the Biju chakra into his Susanoo. The Result of Susanoo and Biju Chakra was appropriately named Indra’s Susanoo in Studio Pierrot blog. This Avatar was able to easily defeat Kurama’s Shadow clones and tie with Ashura-Kurama’s power. Kurama also makes a remark about how use of this construct is similar to Sage of Six-Paths’s use. Despite the powers and his strong resolve Sasuke is unable to defeat Naruto and ends up acknowledging him.
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2. Ashura Avatar

Image result for Ashura avatar

Two such avatars exist in the series. Ashura Ōtsutsuki created the above avatar by unknown means. The identity of Black Balls which are their on the avatar is unclear.  Perhaps it can be either Bijudama or Gudodama. With this avatar Ashura was effectively able to stop his elder bro’s rampage.

Related image

This is Naruto’s recreation of Ashura avatar. Yin-Kurama was able to overload itself with Nature Energy to create this avatar with three shadow clones. One of the major advantages of this avatar is that theoretically this avatar could power itself for very long time. This is because Kurama if starting with full power could keep Absorbing Nature Energy while Naruto fights the battle. This Avatar took down Sasuke’s Indra Susanoo in clash of powers in its single appearance. The explicit name of this technique in Naruto’s case is Ashura-Kurama Avatar.

1. Kaguya’s Tailed Beast Form

Image result for Ten tails

Hagoromo Otsutsuki the sage of six paths fought against a terrible monster the Jubi also known as Ten-Tails. This garnered him enough fame to make him the Legendary Sage of Six-Paths (besides founding Ninshu). The fight between him and His mother Kaguya Otsutsuki lasted several months before he sealed her. This Tailed Form is the strongest amongst all other chakra constructs in the Naruto series. The beast is almost impossible to defeat. Only Six-Paths Chibaku Tensei can stop it.

Depowered Form

Related image

This form is the result of Hagoromo sealing away his mother’s chakra and splitting it into nine Tail Beasts to prevent her Resurrection. The Gedo statue is able to use chakra of the one connected to it and amplify its power. With the use of the statute Madara was able to survive long enough to find suitable replacement for continuation of his plan. Nagato was able to use this statue offensively to absorb the souls of Hanzo’s henchman.

Development Stages

Ten-tails undergoes several development stages during its revival. In the initial stages it molds its infinite chakra to reach stronger stages. In the Latter stages involve the casting of Infinite Tsukuyomi by reflecting Rinne Sharingan on the moon. The Tree manifestation than drains the chakra of its victim and converts them into White Zetsu. The Drainage of  collateral Chakra takes place which overwhelms the Vessel with both quantity and quality of Chakra. The Vessel is than used to awaken Kaguya after receiving chakra from Ashura and Indra’s reincarnation to complete the process. Kaguya can also manifest Ten-tails separately to fight against the foes.

Unstable Form

Related image

This form came into being when Naruto Uzumaki used his strongest attack Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken. This attack destabilizes Kaguya by resonating the links between her and amalgamated Bijus and she reverts to this monstrous Rabbit form. This form allows her to absorb any thing human,Chakra, Ninjutsu etc.However Kakashi’s susanoo is able to stop its rampaging thereby allowing the duo to seal Kaguya.
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