Top 10 Monsters In The Big Mom Pirates

Big Mom Pirates are one the four Strongest Pirates in the World, and are led by the Yonkō, Charlotte Linlin, aka Big Mom. This Pirate crew are insanely​ powerful, and also have even created their own country. The Big Mom Pirates have many powerful characters who have been labeled as ‘monsters.’ So, today I have made a list of all those characters.
Let’s begin:

10. Amande
Big Mom Pirates
Amande is a member of the Big Mom Pirates, and is a member of the Enraged Army. She is a swordsman, and even possesses a legendary sword. Amande is ruthless, also can also kill anyone without any regrets. She easily defeated Nami and killed Homie King with ease.
9. Mont d’ Or

Mont d’ Or is a member of the Big Mom Pirates and is also a part of the Enraged Army. He possesses a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit which allows him to create and control books. He can trap his enemies in a Book world, and can also lock them in a book prison, which is extremely durable.



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