Top 10 Best Next Gen Prodigies in Boruto

There is a promising generation of ninja coming up in the Shinobi world. They all have a different kind of raw talent. We have shortlisted some of the most promising young talent in the Shinobi world. So here are the top 10 best next gen prodigies in Boruto.
Let’s begin—

10. Yurui
He is a genin of the village Kumogakure. Yurui is considered to be a very skillful ninja. When he fights he always has some strategies to catch the enemy off guard. He uses bubble gum to create big bubbles in which he can trap his opponents and he can also make them explode. Also, he is a kenjutsu user as he carries two swords. He trapped Boruto Uzumaki inside his bubbles in Chuunin exams but was defeated by Boruto Uzumaki with the help of his ninja tool.
9. Shizuma
He is one of the new ninja swordsmen from Kirigakure. Before becoming one of the seven swordsmen he was a teacher at Kirigakure Academy despite being just a teenager. Shizuma is an advanced user of Kenjutsu. While battling Boruto we saw that he’s very quick as he disappeared from his gaze and then suddenly appeared in front of him. He can even use hand seals with just one hand and can wield Samehada without being rejected by it. He can use water style very well as he could even use two water prisons at the same time and while using Samehada he can absorb enemies chakra from their wounds just by creating a field.

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