Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime Announced For 2018

Hey everyone! Fans all over the world have been waiting for a Tokyo Ghoul:re anime sequel. The anime originally aired back in 2014, and follows Kaneki Ken as the protagonist. The series revolves around humans, and Ghouls, who feast on humans.

Among all this, Kaneki Ken, a human, is transformed into a One Eyed Ghoul. He aims to draw a balance between Ghouls and humans, by walking the thin line in between. Ever since it’s debut, fans have been captivated by the series, and have been left wanting more.

After Tokyo Ghoul aired, a sequel called Tokyo Ghoul √A aired in 2015, which continued from where Season 1 left off. However, the second season barely followed the story of the manga.

At the end of √A, we saw Kaneki Ken laying down Hideyoshi Nagachika’s body in front of Kishou Arima. Since then, fans have been expecting a Season 3. However, a confirmation never really came, until now.

That’s right. A sequel for Tokyo Ghoul √A, called Tokyo Ghoul:re, is on the way, and will be aired in 2018.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime

The series will follow the story of Kaneki Ken, as Haise Sasaki, who works for the CCG, after losing all his memories. He also has his own team called Qs, or Quinx Squad, which includes his underlings Kuki Urie, Tooru Mutsuki, Saiko Yonebashi, and Ginshi Shirazu.

Kaneki is barely a shadow of himself in the Tokyo Ghoul:re storyline, but the story is as interesting as it gets. It appears as if the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul:re anime is going to follow the story of the manga pretty closely. However, that is not a confirmation yet. After all, they messed up Season 2 pretty badly. But, let’s hope Tokyo Ghoul:re is as good as the manga.

The series will also feature other Ghouls from Tokyo Ghoul, who survived after the Anteiku Raid. A few such characters are Touka Kirishima, Renji Yomo, Eto, and the rest of Aogiri Tree.

The story is going to be set years after the raid at Anteiku, and we will see a completely transformed character in Haise Sasaki. Will his memories return to him, and come back to haunt him? We’ll only find out in 2018!

You can watch the PV for the upcoming Anime here:

To have Tokyo Ghoul back on the screens once again will be great. I’m sure a lot of you will be hyped to for the anime already, and many have also been expecting it to come for quite some time now.

Let me know your thoughts about the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime.

Are you excited to hear that Tokyo Ghoul is back?
Do you think it’ll do justice to the manga?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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