The Third Ōtsutsuki Villain

The Existence of Third Ōtsutsuki

Hello Friends today I am gonna talk about my theory on The Third Ōtsutsuki Villain. Speculations started going rounds ever since the filler episode appeared where Kaguya was shown to be fearful of Ōtsutsuki clan post her rebellion. This rebellion involved harvesting & consuming the Chakra fruit from a dimension having curvature more than 10  without informing the clan. The filler episode was noted to be created from author Kishimoto’s extra notes in the Studio Pierrot Blog. Our dimension in Boruto was noted to be 16 by the way.

three otsutsuki
Kaguya was known to be preparing the White Zetsu Army for the upcoming Ōtsutsuki invasion in our dimension. Its also well known that Naruto’s Creator Mashashi Kishimoto went on record to state that he couldn’t include the third villain in Boruto the movie due to time constraints.

Connection between Ōtsutsuki Villains And Iconic Japanese Folklore

As it been in the past most of the iconic Ōtsutsuki villains are based on the Japanese Folklore. For Instance Kaguya Ōtsutsuki was based on Japanese tale Kaguya-hime of the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter and the Moon Child


or Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki who is based on the Momo-Taro or in the English translation Peach boy

Peach Boy-

Or Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki who is based on the tale of Kin-Taro.


Going by Kishimoto ‘s previous works its more than likely the Third Ōtsutsuki is going to be based on Another iconic folklore namely the Urashima-Taro. If Naming convention follows as before the third villain will be appropriately named Urashimashiki.


All of these stories also have some essentials in common for instance Kaguya-hime means a princess or King’s daughter. The trio stories of Momoshiki, Kinshiki and Urashimashiki revolve around Heroes of Japanese folklore. Also note their folk stories also end with same naming convention “Taro” which means the eldest son. Each of these stories revolve around royalty and aristocracy. Kaguya is princess in her story. Momo-Taro and Kin-Taro become aristocrats eventually from their respective exploits. Urashima-Taro also rises to aristocracy with help from the Princess of Sea because of his kind nature.

Third Otsutsuki

All this points to further fact that their was third one out there whose power in conjunction with the duo villains from Boruto Movie made Kaguya the Progenitor of Chakra truly afraid enough to form the White Zetsu Army. This also leaves the possibility of another Royal Villain(like Kaguya) whose army consists of these three Ōtsutsuki as the Nobility or Generals. But that theory is for some other time.

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Powers of Urashimashiki

In my previous threads I went on about the Third Ōtsutsuki(Urashimashiki) his name and his possible origins. As before the powers of these villains are often deferred from their tales and antics. To further emphasize my point I would review the story elements of Ōtsutsuki who have already been revealed and Draw parallels between their tales. But before I go on further with this thread here is the post from where this article has been drafted. This article contains the mention of the three stories Urashima-Taro, Kin-Taro and Momo-Taro the basis for iconic villains of Boruto The Movie. It also contains several details about omissions in the movies due to time constraints like Urashimashiki, Dialogue between Shikadai and Shikamaru etc.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki And The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter and the Moon Child

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki the main villain of Naruto Shippuden is a character based on Kaguya-hime of the Tale of Bamboo Cutter and Moon child fame.
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