Top 10 Strongest Snipers In One Piece World

2. Charlotte Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri is a member of the Big Mom Pirates and is also the second strongest member of the Big Mom Pirates. Katakuri is also a sniper, he was able to kill a person from a great distance just like a Sniper. He was able to kill a man with only a jellybean and also sniped many of Bege’s subordinate with ease. Moreover, he even tried to snipe Sanji at the Whole Cake Island but he missed because of Sanji’s amazing Observation Haki. These might not be a good feat when compared to other people on this list but in my opinion, Katakuri is a far greater sniper and deserves to be on this spot.

1. Yasopp

Yasopp is the member of the Red hair Pirates and is also one of the top commanders in Red Hair Pirates. He is a sniper and is, in my opinion, the best Sniper in One Piece World. He has achieved many amazing feats because of his sniping prowess, he can shoot the antenna of an Ant without harming the rest of its body. Moreover, he has never missed a shot in his entire life which makes me believe that he is the strongest Sniper in One Piece World.

Who do you think is the strongest Snipers in One Piece?

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