Top 10 Strongest Snipers In One Piece World

4. Capone Bege

Bege is the captain of the Fire Tank Pirates and is also a member of the Worst Generation. He possesses a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit which turns his body into a Fortress. With this Devil Fruit Bege can shoot from long distance as we saw at Whole Cake Island Arc. Bege was able to hit Charlotte Oven from an extremely long distance and also dealt a great amount of damage. We might even see something even more amazing Snipe by Bege at the Whole Cake Island Arc.

3. Usopp

Usopp is a member of the Strawhat Pirates and is a Sniper. He is an amazing sniper and performed some amazing snipes during his adventure. Usopp was able to snipe Spandam from the Tower of Justice with ease and also sniped many Marines too, the distance between them was over a mile. At the island of Punk Hazard, when Ceasar Clown was escaping to the sea, Usopp was still on the island and even then he took down Ceasar Clown. Moreover, his greatest feat was at Dressrosa, when Usopp saw that Sugar was about to hurt Luffy and Law, he then used his sniping skills in order to defeat Sugar. That snipe was one of the best scenes in the series and the distance between them was extremely great simply putting it, Usopp was at one end of the Island and Sugar was on the other. Moreover, Usopp also awakened his Observation Haki during the whole thing and also controlled it. Because of his Observation Haki Usopp was able to snipe Sugar.



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