Top 10 Strongest Snipers In One Piece World

6. Rindo

Rindo is the member of the Kuja Pirates. She is the best sniper in the Kuja tribe and is also extremely strong. Like all members of the Kuja tribe, she can also use Haki. Rindo’s sniping prowess is yet to be seen in the series but we know that Haki is a great asset to a Sniper and if Rindo can use Haki then she probably one of the strongest Snipers.

5. Van Augur

Van Augur, aka, “The Supersonic”, is the member of the infamous Blackbeard Pirates and is their sniper. He has also achieved few sniping feats during the series, when the Strawhat Pirates were going to Mock Town, Usopp and Chopper noticed that birds were falling from the sky and when they noticed that the birds were getting sniped, Nami told them that they don’t see the island and hence tell them that it is impossible for a sniper to do this. This proves how good of a sniper Van Augur really is. Moreover, he can also shoot barrels of many guns within seconds which destroyed their guns.



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