Alright Fellows its been a long while since I wrote an article. I have been busy with Exams lately. However to compensate for all the long wait I have written this long list as an appeasement to you all. I hope you all would enjoy it.  Guys today we are gonna talk about the Strongest Jonin amongst all Konohagakure’s history. Jonin are the top-tier of extremely strong ninja amongst the regular forces of nation. The Regular force comprises of all medic ninja, Genin, Chunin etc. This list enlists all the strongest ever Jonin. Naturally this list has several shinobi who protect the Village Hidden in Leaf from the shadows like from Anbu Black Ops.

Also if any of you feel that i have missed someone strong you may mention him the comments and I will add him to our list. Please don’t mention the Shinobi who became a Kage as those characters have already advanced to the Kage Rank. Before you come complaining about the powers of these candidates do note that the ranking in this list doesn’t show power levels. The order just indicates the order of conceivement, Nothing more. Nevertheless stay tune and check out these strong Jonin of Konoha .

10. Sakura Haruno

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The third and only female member of the famous Team-7 Sakura Haruno became a Jonin officially just before the events of Naruto the Last Movie. Team Seven is actually a parallel to Hiruzen’s original team the Legendary Sannin. Sakura styles herself after the famous Kunoichi Tsunade Senju. She even receives her training in medical ninjutsu from her as well as several of her personality traits from her. In fact Jiraiya even calls her Tsunade Junior in the opening episode of Shippuden.

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Sakura like her tutor Tsunade is famous for her infamous temperament and monster strength. Sakura is also famous for her medical skills and they are ground breaking achievements even for medics in Narutoverse. She can heal any kind of wounds or even help in natural chakra restoration by the use of Katsuyu the Legendary summon from Shikkotsu Woods.

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9. Sakumo Hatake

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Sakumo Hatake also goes by the name “White fang of the Leaf”. He too like Minato Namikaze has on sight flee order despite him being dead for decades. Amongst Rank of Jonin he held a special honor and as a symbol of that honor Sakumo receives that white sleeve on his left Shoulder. In fact Sakumo’s character is supposedly a parallel for Father-Son duo between Might Guy-Might Duy and Kakashi-Sakumo. Just like how Might Guy inherits secret Taijutsu techniques the Eighth Inner Gates, Sakumo was to pass his White Chakra Technique. This is a Kenjutsu (Sword Style) involves the White chakra and is parallel to the unarmed combat technique which Duy was teaching his son. Even though Sakumo didn’t show his powers in Manga or Anime perhaps Kishimoto might release some new filler on him or the Hatake clan.

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8. Konohamaru Sarutobi

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Konohamaru Sarutobi is an élite class Jonin with remarkable background and lineage. He is also the student of Naruto Uzumaki since Naruto plays very crucial role in helping him develop and mature as Ninja. Naruto helps him realize that to become a Hokage he first must learn how to endure Pain and suffering as Ninja and there are no Shortcuts to becoming one. This makes Ebisu’s job that much easier as now Konohamaru learns his basics extremely well and polishes his Ninja skills. Konohamaru will likely become the next Hokage if he survives his current fight with Kara member Ao as he comes from long line of Student- Master Hokage.

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In terms of his Skills his repertoire consists of Rasengan Variants (like Big Ball, Ultra Big Ball and so on), Fire Nature Ninjutsu(which is likely a skill learnt from Asuma), Lightning, Yang and Wind Natures. In fact other than his obviously impressive skills in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu Konohamaru has also made contract with the Toads of Myoboku just like Naruto. Though there is still a possibility that he might also have contract with one of the strongest summon Monkey King Enma like his grandfather.

Konohamaru, su tio Asuma y su padre

He is going to take central role in Boruto Manga and will definitely showcase some new techniques like the Sage Mode which he might have learnt to emulate Naruto his true mentor. Konohamaru is also going to the leader of the upcoming Neo-Sannin team of Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki. We will get to see the improvements they bring from previous two generations and How Konohamaru will fill his spot as parallel to his Grandfather Hiruzen.

7. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is former Anbu Captain in the Foundation division of Anbu Black ops under Danzo Shimura. (Anbu Captain is actually an equivalent of Jonin leader amongst the Anbu Black Ops as they lead their squadrons for missions which involve the dark side of the Shinobi. These missions often include infiltration, intel gathering, spying, assassination etc.) He is also the chief executor of Uchiha clan massacre alongside the Village Hidden in Leaf’s elders council. He kills the complete clan leaving his brother Sasuke to punish him for the role in the massacre. This would also redeem the Uchiha clan’s name and Sasuke would remain a Hero in the eyes of the Konohagakure.

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The Journey to Becoming Ninja of Darkness and Sorrow

Itachi is truly the epitome of Shinobi of Darkness. A pacifist by nature he learns of the horrors of war at an early age.(due to Third Great Ninja War) Itachi than decides to become shinobi to prevent further Wars. The way he sacrifices everything for the village: be it His true lover, Family and Blood relatives is remarkable.

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Oh unlike the anime filler where Obito kills Izumi. In the Novel He first kills his lover to test his resolve. To do this Itachi uses an extremely powerful Tsukuyomi on her. In that genjutsu Izumi lives together with Itachi unto old age of 80.(As she would have if not for the massacre). Within the Genjutsu she dies together with him ending the illusion and Itachi confesses his feelings to her while she dies peacefully in his hands.The experiences of the Genjutsu are so real that Izumi’s brain on experiencing death in the Genjutsu actually goes into shock and starts to die in the real world. Itachi thus completes the mission despite the toll on his emotional status.

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Reaping the Pain, Sorrow and Suffering as Shadow Hokage

Above all the very village He did all this for completely loathes & hates him for his role in the massacre. He keeps tab & collects intel on Akatsuki an organisation which poses threat to the village even after leaving the village. Itachi thus contains the damage to Konoha; As according to his agreement with Tobi as long as he is alive they couldn’t harm the village. He dies traitor never betraying a word of his Mission Even after his death Itachi protects the Village and Ninja World by stopping the Edo tensei and becomes the unsung hero for the world. He in fact secures Sasuke’s future by helping Kabuto remember who he truly. This soul peering eyes of his is the main reason he is able to completely learn about their capabilities allowing him to plan far ahead.

Unparalleled Shinobi in the History of Ninjas

Kishimoto has truly made Itachi an exceptional character, from his quotes to antics all are just unique. They give a totally different perspective to how someone can look at life. That’s not all, Like most characters in Naruto or Even in Boruto Itachi has no peers. That’s right fellows unlike several popular characters like Madara(Hashirama is his rival),Tobirama with Izuna etc. Itachi is unparalleled in the History of Ninjas. This further emphasize that he is truly special character in the creation of Naruto. His possession of the two spiritual weapon in combination with his soul peering ability truly made him invincible.

6. Neji Hyuga

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Though many of you might argue how Neji is on the list. I would point out that Neji thanks to his Ingeniousness gets double promotion to Jonin Rank. (At the start of Naruto Shippuden.) The Databook 4 notes Neji to be a genius for someone even from the Hyuga clan. He learns the Main family’s techniques on his own by rediscovering them. In fact at the mere age of seventeen he surpasses his clan members. Even the members of Main family are no match for him. This is the main why reason Neji becomes the leader of Hyuga’s Fighting unit in the war. In fact thanks to his leadership skills as well as combat skills he protects both Naruto and Hinata from certain death at the hands of Ten-tails sacrificing his own life to save our protagonist. Needless to say Neji deserves a spot amongst the strongest Jonin.

5. Rock Lee

Rock Lee is member of Team Guy possibly the strongest team in Konoha excluding Team Kakashi. Like his Sensei Might Guy Rock Lee is also the practitioner of Strong Fist and the Eight Inner Gates. Lee Becomes Jonin before the Boruto movie and currently is a Jonin Squadron leader like how his sensei. His students also are highly proficient in taijutsu and his son Metal Lee is actually in his team. What Lee lacks in intelligence & understanding of situation he often makes up for it with Hot-Blooded passion & the Power of Youth. His perseverance , Hard-Working ability and never say die attitude is what has earned him spot on this list.


4. Shisui Uchiha

Shisui Uchiha is another Shinobi who supports the village from darkness , taking all the burden and suffering so that fellow villagers can lead peaceful life. He is the descendant of Kagami Uchiha and possessor of the most unique Mangeykyou Sharingan in the Series. His Mangeykyou ability: Kotoamatsukami allows him to one-shot any character in the Series. If the opposing character is in the visual range Shisui can literally mind control him with this ultimate Genjutsu. Though many people have raised doubts over its recharge time. However since Shisui is the original user Naturally the cool down for him would be much lower than other users even those with Hashirama’s cells.

The True Demarcation of The Path of Darkness

Shisui is the prime reason for Itachi’s development into a Shinobi who protects the village from Shadow. He also helps to develop this idea of Shadow Hokage, someone who is highly trustworthy and supports the Hokage in protecting the village. As of Now Sasuke Uchiha is reliving this very ideal of his bro and Shisui’s to protect Village from all threats from Darkness. Shisui’s brief stint as Jonin and mentor has left a lasting impact on his subordinates and His Will Of Fire has passed on to upcoming generations who aspire to protect Village from the Shadows.

3. JiraiyaRelated image

Jiraiya’s Legacy and Parallels with Roman History

Jiraiya the Pervy Sage is one of the strongest Jonin in the series. He is the one who helps Naruto on the path to being Ninja. Under his tutelage Naruto learns all the basic requirement in two-year time skip. A Ninja’s measure is done by the legacy left over by him not their power. In that sense Jiraiya far surpasses any ninja of all generations. He leaves several outstanding students like Naruto Uzumaki, Minato Namikaze and Nagato. Other than that He is the only one to have been offered the Hokage’s place twice. Kind of reminds you of Julius Caesar don’t you think and twice he refuses.(Those who don’t know Julius Caesar refuses crown twice ). Even their deaths are very similar. Julius Caesar is killed by his best friends and comrades just like how Jiraiya dies at the hands of his favorite pupil Nagato.

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Pervy Sage

The self-styled toad sage is wanderer who goes about doing research on ladies. These research on ladies, cuisine and the places help him write his very famous lewd books Icha-Icha series. In fact in one of the filler his books actually stops a war between two nations in the original Naruto. He is the favorite of ladies, handsome, play-boy all in one even at the age of 52. But don’t be fooled by this demeanor of his as its cover. He actually has some serious infiltration and information gathering skills including a spy network across the five great nations.

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Jiraiya: Prophet and Rediscoverer of Ninshu

Jokes aside, Other than leaving some excellent students Jiraiya also leaves behind the true essence of Ninshu in the Tales of Utterly Gutsy Ninja without even realizing it. Ninshu is supposed to be the power which would enable people to realize each other suffering and live together in harmony. However Humans weaponize this gift of Sage of Six-Paths into Ninjutsu. In some sense Jiraiya is the very prophet who on his journey for Student learns the true essence of Ninshu from Nagato and goes on to teach it to his students. The talk about cycle of Hatred is the crux of all major tensions between the villages. But Naruto his chosen student is actually able to inspire people in to believing in that ideal. It seems Kishimoto really goes deep into symbolism when it comes to the manga.

2. Might Guy

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There should be no surprise that Guy made it to this list. After all receiving praise from madara as the Strongest is an achievement by itself. Might Guy far surpasses the five Kages when he opens the Eighth Inner Gates the Gate of Death. In this gate his power rivals the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki Madara with single Rinnegan. He is also the son of eternal genin Might Duy who in similar fashion as Guy protects his Son’s team from all of the Seven Ninja Swordsman by opening the eighth gate.

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Guy has gone toe-to-toe with some of strongest Shinobi like Kisame, Uchiha Obito, Madara Uchiha and Jinchurikis. In fact his fight with Edo Madara was actually an handicap as he didn’t have any means to seal him while Madara possess infinite Chakra in that fight. Later he fights with God incarnate Madara where Madara virtually had all the power of the World But Guy with assistance almost kills him. That day everyone in the fandom became the fan of this man who defied the literal God without any power up.

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Honourable Mentions:

  • Fugaku UchihaRelated image

Fugaku Uchiha is the father of Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha and the former head of the Uchiha clan. He was also Head of Leaf’s Police Force before His death. In manga There is not a lot of information about him. However in the anime he reveals his Mangeykyou Sharingan to Itachi. He also reveals that he got his Mangeykyou Sharingan because one of his lose friend saves him from certain death. When Fugaku sees his dear friend  dying from the death which destiny had ordained for him. Fugaku later awakens Mangeykyou from this loss. In fact he also reveals that he can easily control Kurama just like Madara. He asks Itachi to join him. Fugaku proclaims that together they can take over the Village by eliminating the top brass in a somewhat “peaceful” coup. The ability to control Kurama easily and possession of Mangeykyou Sharingan itself makes him unique Jonin.

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Fugaku Rival to the Genius Minato Namikaze??

In Itachi Shinden series however scenario is completely different. Itachi Shinden reveals that actually He might have been rival of Minato. In the novel Fugaku receives the name — “Wicked Eye Fugaku” like Minato being the “Yellow Flash”. His reputation too parallels Minato across the Ninja nations. Even though the Top Village brass never acknowledges him since he is an Uchiha. Most Hokages have genius counterparts like Hashirama has Madara; Hiruzen has Danzo, Tsunade has Jiraiya, Kakashi has Guy or Obito and Naruto has Sasuke or Neji. It seems Minato’s counterpart is seemingly Fugaku as both became extremely famous in third Great Ninja War. Tobirama Unlike other Hokage learnt the balance between the Darkness and Brightness of Shinobi from Madara and His Brother Hashirama. As a result he knew the balance between the two. This later on allows him to administer the village efficiently.

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  • Captain Yamato

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The reason Captain Yamato didn’t appear in the list is because he too is in kind of retirement. He now follows Orochimaru to his every Hideout like a watchdog so that Orochimaru doesn’t revert to his original ways.(Despite possessing the Wood release) His ability is further fine tune by swirly white zetsus so that he could even use Several Hundred Hands. (Like Hashirama’s famous technique several thousand Hands). Tobi stops the descent number of shinobi in the alliance from reaching the main fight to help Naruto and co. Yamato utilizes all five elemental release and fights the third Hokage to a stalemate further showcasing his true powers.

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  • Moegi Kazumatsuri

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Moegi Kazamatsuri is the Jonin leader of the Ino-Shika-Cho in Boruto: Next Generations. She has also been in the news recently thanks to recent update from Boruto Manga Extras.(where the data mentions her possessing Wood Release explicitly). Wood Release is an extremely rare Kekkei Genkai and only other known Natural user is Hashirama Senju. It seems Masashi Kishimoto had plans For Moegi from the very start of Naruto Manga. (As her Kanji translates to “Young Tree Buds”). It also gives us some insight to how powerful our enemies are going to be in the Boruto manga; if the heroes are this strong. Since Moegi is natural user its more likely that her use will be as strong as Hashirama. The main reason Moegi is in Honorable mention is because of lack of feat. In future However she might surpass several others in this list.

  • Ino Yamanaka

Image result for ino yamanakaIno Yamanaka is an exceptional Jonin especially if you consider her Mind transfer abilities in conjunction with Medical Ninjutsu capability. In terms of her Mind Transfer she is second to none making her one of the best sensor. She can also serve as extremely good relay communicator. She far surpasses every other member of her clan; when she connects every member of alliance to transfer information without any outside tool in the fourth great Ninja war. It’s primarily this ability which gains her access to the Honorable section.(As controlling and reading Brains is way too OP ability).

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  • Asuma Sarutobi

Image result for Asuma SarutobiAsuma Sarutobi is a distinguished Jonin and son of the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. He is also the member of Guardian Shinobi Twelve. These Shinobis have the important assignment of protecting the Fire Daimyo. (the King equivalent of Ninja World.) He does this job extremely efficiently and earns huge fame in the process. This results him having a bounty of thirty-five million Ryo. Asuma also mentors the most balanced and efficient Team Ten. He manages to accurately deduce the members defining characteristics. Choji is Glutton, Ino is vulgar and Shikamaru is Lazy. This allows him to actually help his students overcome barriers in their way to become Ninjas. Even though Asuma is overshadowed by both Guy and Kakashi throughout the series. It’s very difficult to ignore the contribution of this man as an élite Jonin.

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  • Danzo Shimura

Image result for danzo shimuraDanzo Shimura is another Shinobi of Darkness even though he is unworthy to be shinobi he tries to protect the village in his own twisted sense. To be very honest I would grant one thing to Danzo. He has an exceptional quality in measuring the potential of others. His Foundation amongst ANBU has highly exceptional Shinobi be it in Intel Gathering-Researching or Fighting Abilities etc. In fact his ambition of collecting all the power and concentrating under him. This results in development of Nue, Research on Hashirama’s cells & several projects which helps Leaf at several junctures later on.

Extent of True Power of Danzo Shimura

Coming to His combat abilities I would say that he is extremely crafty and possess plethora of rare abilities. Baku the personal summon of Danzo is mythical beast which feasts on nightmares. He possesses a Hand composed of Sharingan and Hashirama’s cells. The use of Izanagi and Wood release in combination with Shisui’s Eye makes him almost unbeatable in combat. Infact I would go so far to say that both Obito & Sasuke would have died if Danzo had Shisui’s prowess the day he died. He could have one-shot Obito With Kotoamatsukami the unsolvable enigma. Before calling for Back-up against Sasuke.

Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Nara is the True Genius amongst Naruto’s Generation. In Part-1 Itself Author emphasize specifically on his intellect. Shikamaru seemingly has IQ of about 200 when Asuma measures his while telling him its just a strategy game. Shikamaru has not only effectively out maneuver his opponents tactically. But is also able to accurately deduce there moves and plan several moves ahead along with contingencies for those plans. The only people possibly having intelligence even close to this are the Second Hokage Tobirama Senju, Itachi Uchiha and Minato Namikaze.

Itachi might be closest considering how figures out Hidan’s jutsu in single attempt like Shikamaru. Though that still would be still a stretch regardless Shikamaru is miles ahead of all others. Shikamaru’s only weakness is his laziness which he overcomes it in the Shippuden and Becomes the Right hand man of the Hokage. This makes him equally valuable to Naruto as Sasuke is and he is often the tactician behind several logistics in the Village.

1.Dan Katō

Finally coming to the Top member of our list. Fellows that’s right its Dan, Tsunade’s lover who dies during the war. Lot of you might be thinking how the hell is he here? Let me elaborate on Dan’s unseen potential. Dan according to Databook can use all the Hiden techniques. Hiden techniques are the one like Ino-Shika-Cho trio use whose replication is not possible by merely seeing the technique. Other than using these techniques he also has Spirit Transformation technique. Which he can use to takeover opponent’s body possibly using it as hostage; He might also use their destructive capabilities on the enemies’s comrades. This jutsu would also decay the host’s body because of possession killing the victim if Dan wants.

Dan also can use three elemental chakra natures along side Yin and Yang Release. Dan also has extremely good chakra control as well as very high chakra reserves comparable to Biju.(As he restores Tsunade’s Strength of 100 seal mark and saves her life during her fight against Madara). It also seems that Dan is extremely strong and that he might have been stronger than Sannin individually.(As Tsunade prefers him over even her teammates Jiraiya and Orochimaru). All this is before Dan actually reaches the peak of his potential. Since he dies young in the series without fulfilling his dream of becoming Hokage.

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