Strawhat Pirates Ranked By Their Strength

The Strawhat Pirates are captained by Monkey D. Luffy, the guy who seeks the One Piece. They are a strong bunch, and have so managed to survive in the harsh conditions of the New World.
Today, we have ranked the Straw Hats according to their power levels.
Warning: List may have spoilers.

9. Nami-
We begin our list with the navigator of the crew, Nami. She loves tangerines and money. Nami trained with her Weather Staff and now can manipulate weather with the help of Weather Balls. Her bounty is 66,000,000 beris.

8. Nico Robin- 20160701034009
Occupying the sixth spot on the list is Nico Robin. Robin joined the crew after Alabasta, when Crocodile was defeated. She joined the crew in order to search for the Poneglyphs. Her bounty is 130,000,000 beris.


  1. I would honestly swap Brook and Robin. We get to see Brooks real skills in the shape of Ryuma in Thriller Bark Arc. He was a very good match for Zoro himself.


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