Kara is the mysterious organisation in Boruto Next Generation and this article deals with the origins and motivations of the group. Derivation of the title comes from Kara, Which in Sikhism is a metal bangle and it symbolizes purity. Perhaps the Kara members are actually Otsutsuki exterminators who cleanse these so called parasites.(Otsutsuki members feed on Nature energy of a dimension. They act as parasites to our world and their extermination is necessary for survival of our race). Such an explanation also justifies why the groups names end with circles as the organisation name arises from Bangle ‘Kara’.

Origins of Inner Circle

A bangle has Inner and outer circle just like the organisation in question. On further analysis we found out what these Circles actually refer to. The inner circle is a reference to the “Panch-Dosh” of Sikhs which translates to five thieves or five cardinal sins in English. The inner circle is dirty hence the Five Inner circle of Sins. These five sins are lust, greed, rage, attachment and conceit. The Inner circle members are the ones with Roman numeral marks. Any other member is either outer or some contractor to the organisation.

Inner Members of Kara

*Notice the Rinnegan(the blue box in above pic). It’s quite unclear but definitively its a dojutsu. Perhaps we will receive new info in upcoming manga chapters.

In Kara group the first member is the Lady with I tattoo. As of now we don’t know her name. She personifies the ‘Lust’ in the list. Lady member is Lustful for money. This can be seen when she shows heavy disappointment at the failure of the plan & the loss. Her speech about making person responsible “pay” further showcases her obsession.

The proper reveal of person with II roman numeral hasn’t happen yet. However Person marked in pic below can be candidate to member in question.  His characteristics are unknown. Perhaps sometime in future we might get to know more about him.

The person with III roman numeral is likely the Big Guy with beard and Mustache. He possesses weird marks on his nose & under his eyes. Perhaps they signify the III mark? Needless to say this person became angry when he comes to know of the missing Vessel. He even Cusses about it & complains about the time and effort given to the plan. He definitively personifies Rage.

Sir Jigen the apparent leader of Kara seems to personify Attachment. He is the possessor of the IV roman numeral & Diamond-mark similar to one Boruto got from Momoshiki on his chin. Jigen’s powers rivals the Otsutsuki as no mere mortal can kill one to obtain such mark.His attachment to his stuff is rock solid & he won’t leave any stone unturn to retrieve it. He also proclaims to deal with person responsible.

The Old member of Kara or the Elder is the personification of Conceit. The Members of the group respect the elder despite that he berates them. He also tries to showcase his position by demanding info beyond his stature which ends in failure as the Leader shows the err in his ways. At the end of meeting, he boasts how he would he would kill Kashin Koji if they had face-off which turns out to be empty when Kashin kills him moments later.

Outer Circle of Kara

Just like the Inner circle, Outer circle may comprise of five members. It’s basis lies on another Sikh philosophy, the Mukti which in English means salvation. In order to attain it the Sikhs have five virtues to follow. They are Truth, Compassion, Humility, Contentment and Love. As of now we might know three such possible candidates. They are Amado, Kashin Koji and Ao.

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The reason why Kashin Koji isn’t an inner member is lack of Roman Numeral mark on him. Perhaps his promotion will come with the death of the Elder or perhaps he is the link between Outer and inner. However what we do know is that he has very strong connection to the ‘Truth’. This is evident from the approval he gets from the group when he comments on the Elder and when he provides with counter proposal. Also his Jutsu ‘True Fire of Samadhi’ further cements it.


Ao on the other hand personifies ‘Humility’. He has really good relationship with both Superiors and Juniors in the past.(with Mei and Chojuro respectively). Even in recent Manga when Both Sasuke and Naruto weren’t able to explain Boruto the need for Scientific tools. However Ao explains him quite easily and impresses Boruto with his demeanor. Even Kashin calls him humble during their brief chat in train.

The third member Amado might already have quite the influence in the group. He must be quite the powerhouse as when the Elder tries to get some refuge with his name when he lands into sticky situation with the other members. However the leader Jigen ignores his request. Only time will tell about his true standing in the group.

Possible Future Conflict of Inner and Outer

One of the main reason why there might be conflict between the Inner and outer is because of each of them being polar opposites. Perhaps it might signify that the outer members would eventually kill the inner members. Just like How Kashin Koji the truth incarnate kills the conceited Elder. Perhaps Boruto and Kawaki eventually join Kara as outer and Later on Kill the Inners to obtain their complete “Power of Seals” which was on display on Kara’s Board. Than maybe Boruto has fallout with the Outer which results in all out fight between the two which results in the situation in Chapter 1. It forces the two comrade to fight each other due to difference in ideals. Only time will reveal the validity of this Conjecture.

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