This article is about Jashinism and possible followers as well as future story line. Jashin followers have always been cult whose true purpose has always been unknown. However some of them have distinct features like they are very violent, they are religious and they love killing. In the article we are gonna discuss about Jashinism and its impact on series.We will also discuss about possible Jashinists, Future plot lines on Jashin and perhaps even discuss about who Jashin really is. Though at first sight it might seem that Jashin and Jashin-ism have very limited role. However after reading this article you all would realize the potential of this chaotic religion in Future Boruto Arcs. These Info are mostly canon since they contain information from Boruto Novels(particularly Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls) though some info is conjectural in nature. Regardless read it on your own risk as these contain spoilers.

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Though there is no confirmation one such clan which displayed all such characteristics(aka the Kaguya clan).First we are gonna discuss about Kaguya clan being Jashinists.

Kaguya Clan’s history

Kaguya clan are also descendants of Kaguya Otsutsuki. Though it’s never stated officially from which brother they descended from.However We can make an intelligent guess. We all know that Hagoromo Otsutsuki’s sons went on to establish the Uchiha and Senju clans. Hamura became the Leader of Otsutsuki clan when Hagoromo decides to settle on Earth and guide humanity in the ways of Ninshu. What we also know is that Hagoromo’s descendants have plant like powers (aka Wood release) and the Rinne-Sharingan bloodlines. On the other hand if this is true than Hamura’s descendants should possess Byakugan and animalistic powers (the Shikotsumyaku).This is the only logical order to complete Kaguya’s power division amongst the brothers descendants.

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Let’s review Kaguya clan’s common characteristics. They believe in violence, aggression and are war mongers to their very bones. They are famous for their combat skills and Shikotsumyaku.  Shikotsumyaku involves bone manipulation as both offense and defense. The clan members possess very hard bones which allows them to cut through anything. Apparently they attacked the Kirigakure for no reason at all. The only justification given is that they are war lovers and love to fight. But what if it wasn’t the case? What if the attack on Kirigakure wasn’t random but follows some code?

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Kaguya clan members are Jashinists:

Let me retell some facts before we get to conclusion. Kirigakure or Village Hidden in the Mist is in close proximity to this clan. They might have offer peace to Kaguya clan and given a chance to join the village. (Like how other Hidden Villages were recruiting other clans). Regardless the Kaguya clan attacked despite facing a superior foe. This further marred Village’s view about clans wielding Kekkei Genkai. Which further led to prosecution of those having such gifts driving them to extinction. Seeing all this we can conclude that Kirigakure could be “neighbors” to Kaguya clan. If the Jashinistic ideas drove the clan than their blood curdling tenacity and war loving nature will be explainable. In fact the attack on Kirigakure would no longer have any plot holes.

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Hidan and Jashin

This section mostly deals with explaining the powers which Hidan displayed in Shippuden. We will also explore the origins of Hidan’s power and establish some rationality behind the blood thirsty behavior of Jashinsts. There aren’t many Jashinsts in the series. In fact there is only known one known conversion to Jashinism. This active conversion happened in  another novel of Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom. Click here to know more about this Mud User Jashinst.

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Jashinsts pray for good kill and for forgiveness when they don’t get one.They are also very much into Blood rituals and self inflection of injuries. According to Hidan Jashin doesn’t want anything less than complete & utter destruction. Their philosophy involves killing their neighbor.(i.e. Neighbors are ideal target to start a rampage.). Hidan seems to follow this code very seriously as he always does the consultation & rituals very thoroughly. Needless to say there must be something in the religion if Hidan got Immortality from the deity.

Hidan’s Immortality

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Hidan is originally Yugakure Shinobi. He becomes frustrated with the decline of his village. So After killing his neighbors Hidan joins a Jashin cult. Through an unknown sacrificial ritual Hidan gets his power of immortality from Jashin. The only limit to this immortality is malnutrition. There is a conjecture about Hidan stealing life from his victim through his ritual which allows him to cheat death. Therefore he might die if he did not get anyone for his ritual for long time. Hidan is also exceptionally durable and has high pain tolerance. This might be result of getting such attributes from his victim as even highly trained Jonin like Asuma doesn’t has such traits.(When Hidan & Asuma share injuries form ritual, Asuma collapses from pain and limb failure Hidan on the other hand suffers from blood-loss.)

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I believe post the immortality ritual Hidan became a living Voodoo doll. This allows Hidan to share pain with his victims when he uses the ritual to siphon off their life force. Also it would explain as why despite possessing such powerful healing factor he couldn’t heal his decapitated head. Perhaps in his case the life force of victims might act like threads to his ‘doll body’. The more victims he gets the better healing power and longer he lives.

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Exploring Jujutsu and Juinjutsu and its Relation With Jashinism

Jujutsu and Juinjutsu are curse power. Strictly speaking the only difference between these two curse power is that Juinjutsu involves seal whereas Jujutsu doesn’t. To explain it in simpler terms in case of Juinjutsu one has to give some sort of seal to the victim before one can start to control victim. There are no such requirements to establish link in the case of Jujutsu. The only known Jujutsu in the Narutoverse are the one which Hidan uses to curse his opponent to death.(Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood.) The other one is the curse jutsu on Tenseigan Vessel.

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In terms of creation of link with the victim clearly Jujutsu is superior to Juinjutsu. In fact one could consider Juinjutsu to be a precursor to jujutsu something which requires too much preparation especially regarding the seal and physical contact. If we were to bar the jujutsu on Tenseigan Vessel since it doesn’t involve any victim than its clearly the product of Jashinism who have perfected this technique. Even the Otsutsuki use Curse power to pass their powers to future generation making them progressively stronger. Momoshiki gains Black marks after obtaining powers from his Father.(this might be some kind of Jujutsu because of lack of seal). Where as Momoshiki gives a curse mark to Boruto to pass on his legacy to him after his defeat. Only the mysterious group Kara has some inklings about the mark.

Jashin as Otsutsuki and His Descendants

It’s quite clear that Jujutsu-Juinjutsu(or the Curse powers) on Earth solely are Jashinsts area of expertise. Considering the God like Status of Jashin and Toneri confirming the status of Otsutsuki Clan as the Gods it shouldn’t be a stretch if it turns out Jashin is an Otsutsuki. It’s possible he is an Otsutsuki member who creates this Curse power to transfer chakra from one Otsutsuki Generation to next making them extremely strong. Also this would very well explain the Chinoike Clan came into being.Image result for Jashin Otsutsuki

We all know that all the existing Dojutsu and Chakra came from Otsutsuki clan. Kaguya’s descendants have dojutsus such as Byakugan, Tenseigan, Jougan, Rinnegan and Sharingan. However Ketsuryugan doesn’t fit any of the clan or descendants of Kaguya. In fact for some reason they can even control liquids rich with Iron particularly blood. Association of Blood, Existence and origins of Jashinists and Chinoike Clan from same village (Yugakure) are way too many coincidences in my opinion. It shouldn’t be a surprise if Otsutsuki other than Kaguya came to Earth and has legacy here. Regardless these Conjectures still need confirmation. Perhaps future Manga chapter would shed some light on them.

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The return of Jashinism in Boruto series

This section contains spoilers from Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls and will most likely appear in Future Boruto arcs. Though timeline is often inconsistent in Narutoverse we will get to see Anime or Manga version soon. This Arc involves the investigation of resurgence of Jashinists. Apparently after Hidan’s incapacitation, Konoha investigates this mysterious religion and its followers but are unable to find any. They conclude in their report that Hidan dreamt of all this. However there is a rumor that a group is recreating the experiment from which Hidan got his immortality.

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Journey to Yugakure

The Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki sends three undercover operatives to investigate the situation. These operatives include two decorated heroes and war veterans Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy. The third member is inexperienced Mirai Sarutobi and his personal bodyguard. Mirai is quite serious about the task but perplexes when the two Senior showcase their carefree and light nature behavior. She perches on the Tree like an Anbu operative while the two other ninjas have lunch. Guy meanwhile steals food from Kakashi’s plate which causes Mirai to question Kakashi’s reputation. Suddenly Kakashi appears next to her with Body flicker and asks her to come down. He further notes her similarity to Asuma who too had troubles in settling in.

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Fun adventures at Yugakure: Cattog

Kakashi than explains her the importance of going undercover and in the process have fun. He also explains that the Hokage is quite concerned about her serious demeanor and has given this mission to help her lighten up. This helps Mirai to let her guard down. After a misadventure in Yugakure’s Bath-house involving the Cat and Dog lovers, Mirai is able to quell the the brawl between town-folk by making another new Deity Cattog with Genjutsu. Cattog is half cat and half dog. However Guy bumps into the wall between the 2 rival bath house in his excitement. The town people think that this is the sign from the Cattog to end their differences and make statue in Guy’s honor as messenger of Cattog.

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On there way Ten-ten meets up with group for Ninja tool and vacation and a camaraderie develops between two kunoichi. Ten-ten tells about her many adventures with Guy sensei and her new entrepreneurship and suspects that perhaps he might be coward. In fact there is Table tennis match between Guy and Kakashi similar to his race with him in one of their contest when Kakashi was about to become Hokage. It turns out same way as before as they start throwing objects in the same fun way as race while playing the game. Kunoichis realize that there is no point in keeping score hence they leave.

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Fun adventures at Yugakure: Ghost prank

The two Kunoichi hatch a plan to scare him. Though Mirai hesitates since she is assigned as their Bodyguard. First they remove the tags which prevent ghosts to further improvise the plan and scare him with their costume and Genjutsu. Next morning Ten-ten reveals about the trick to the Sensei but Guy claims that he saw a real one. In fact the Hotel staff becomes fearful when they come to know about the missing tags. They fear ghost might now be able to come as they may. This Ghost talks triggers an unforeseen desire in Mirai. She feels that if Ghosts really exits than her father would have met her already.

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The Konohagakure Shinobi meet up with Yugakure counterparts near the main attraction the Hot-springs. However there seems to be a blockade of Rocks in place of the local attraction. The Yun-nin’s are struggling to remove the rocks. Their Attitude reminds Mirai of Shikadai and she concludes that those Ninjas can be better with Discipline and Hard work. The Group here meets up with Choji who helps the Ninja group with use of his Butterfly mode. However its not enough, Guy in his drunken stupor attacks the rocks and other ninjas soon join the venture. They successfully remove the rocks together and Mirai leaves with much better impression of Choji. She truly realizes his strength and acknowledges it.

Chance Meeting With “God”

The Konoha-nin retire to an nearby inn after the exhaustive events of the day. They are no closer to their objective. Mirai retires to the inn’s Hot-spring where she meets Tatsumi a local. Mirai gets along with the new lady very well and the two strike up an acquaintance with each other. Tatsumi than reveals that she is here to meet up with her mother’s spirit and a cult leader who can make this wish possible thanks to the “God”. At first Mirai is skeptical but Tatsumi reminds her off the Edo Tensei. Mirai’s interest piques by this especially because of her recent desire to meet up with her father. So Tatsumi allows her to accompany to the cult’s cave.Image result for konoha shinden Ninja Steam scrolls

They fill fresh water from a spring for the course of Journey. However as they reach near to their destination Mirai start to have second thoughts and an ill boding feeling. She tries to talk Tatsumi out of it. But Tatsumi coaxes her and tells her she has come so close to the end of the journey and should complete it. When she enters the cave her ill feeling becomes strengthened by the eerie and dark atmosphere. It’s like the typical witch haunt with dark and dull cloaks covering the followers, poor lighting and candle lit region.

Showdown With Jashinist Ryuki

Ryuki reveals himself as the cult leader. He offers the two a bottle of “Sacred water” which Mirai kicks it away. Ryuki than berates Tatsumi for spoiling the sacrifice by bringing someone troublesome. Use of ‘sacrifice’ alarms Mirai as she read her father’s classified reports. Ryuki shows his true color by saying telling the two about how he is going to sacrifice gullible travelers like them with promises to Lord Jashin.

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Mirai reveals herself to be a konoha ninja. Seeing that Mirai isn’t surprised with the mention of Jashin, Ryuki remembers the face-off between Hidan and Konoha-nin. He tells her about following Hidan’s footstep to gain immortality and ending this peaceful era. He orders the followers to go after hostages but Guy and Kakashi show up. Seeing himself cornered He tries to consume Mirai’s blood and perform Curse Technique: Body Controlling Manipulated Blood. But it fails as it is a Genjutsu by Mirai who than goes on to finish Ryuki with Whirlwind Fist. Kakashi is informs Naruto about the success of mission while Naruto tells him about the conclusion of Shin Uchiha’s business. Kakashi and co than prolong their “vacation” for another day so as to enjoy the Hot-Spring one Last time.

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