Players who are possibly stronger than Generation of Miracles

We all have seen Generation Of Miracles play basketball and no one could ever doubt their strength. Movie Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game released recently after completion of the main series had players at levels even higher than that of Generation of Miracles. Even some of the GOM players were able to evolve to that level to meet the competition head on. They were able to develop and realize their hidden strengths during the course of chapter. Here is the list of such players.

5. Atsushi MurasakibaraImage result for atsushi murasakibara zone

Strongest player amongst Generation of Miracles(GOM) in terms of natural talent. This guy is an absolute monster when it comes to the Basketball. He naturally possess both height and raw power required for the game. No player can stop his offense given his overwhelming power. To date only Kagami in zone and Jason Silver have been able to stop his offense. In Defense whole of the region within 3 point line is within his wingspan. This long wingspan is result of his both long hands and legs which allows him to defend against any opponent. He can also enter Zone and was able to vastly overpower Kagami in Zone. Though his trigger to enter zone is still unknown.Image result for atsushi murasakibara zone

In the match with Team Jabberwock he takes on Jason Silver on his own to stop his rampage. Kise notes that Murasakibara is actually a gentle giant. He doesn’t uses his full strength as he doesn’t wants to harm anyone from the bottom of his heart. However against Silver he can go full strength as he his just like him. Once Murasakibara sets in and becomes serious he is able to dominate even Silver.(Despite Silver having caliber higher than that of GOM). In fact Silver actually is unable to accept that Murasakibara is the better player of the two. So during the course of match Silver fouls and injures Murasakibara in the match.

4. Jason SilverImage result for jason silver

Jason Silver is an american player and member of Team Jabberwock. Coach Kagetora notes that he and Gold are actually players whose level is beyond that of Generation of Miracles. Like Murasakibara Silver possess the ideal body for the game. In fact instead of relying on practice and developing his muscles he uses natural talent to oppose other players. At the start of the Extra game it took 3 players of GOM level to completely stop his offense. All of his attributes agility, strength and jumping power are at extreme levels. He is the only person to consistently outperform GOM in these three areas in the Extra game. Silver can run faster than Aomine, Jump higher than Kagami and is stronger than Murasakibara.(though Murasakibara and Kise (in zone) are eventually able to overpower him in these attributes).

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Silver is kind of arrogant and prideful player. He also doesn’t accepts defeat easily. Silver is also not above foul play as evident from his foul on Murasakibara when he couldn’t stop him. Also Silver possesses Animal instincts. Silver’s instinct is at the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s level. He was able to stop Kuroko-Kagami alley oop despite Kuroko’s misdirection not running out.

3.Akashi SeijuroRelated image

Akashi is the Leader of Generation Of Miracles. He is a player who has practiced from childhood. Akashi has talent in Street-ball as he used his handles to pass the ball to Aomine. Belial Eye was active at that time and Akashi hadn’t completed his eye yet. He also possess excellent reflexes and exceptional jumping power for someone of his height.Image result for akashi seijuro

He possesses the Emperor Eye and Perfect Rhythmed plays as his true trump cards. Emperor Eye allows him to ‘see the future’ by seeing the current state and the moves undertaken by opponent. Perfect Rhythmed Play is the ability of the original Akashi. With perfect passes and motivation Akashi is able to set up tempo amongst his players. In Doing so the players are able to use their 90% potential and are in state just before Zone.Image result for akashi seijuro

These abilities have manifested because of Split Personality which was result of two notion. One being to achieve victory at all cost and other to play along with others GOM members. However Akashi was able to fuse these two of his trump cards into an ultimate one in match against Jabberwock. With Complete Emperor Eye Akashi was able to surpass even Gold. Akashi can also enter zone and he has two triggers. One is to leave the team and snatch victory with his own hands. Team play is required for second trigger which involves Perfect Rhythmed plays and hence is often called Zone redistribution.Image result for akashi seijuro zone

2. Nash Gold JrImage result for nash gold jr

Gold is the captain of the american team Jabberwock which played against team Vorpal Sword. He is the strongest member of his team and is even able to reign in unruly Silver. He is the only player to score after single-handedly waltzing past every single one of GOM before scoring against Kagami. This happened when Kagami was in Zone.Related image

Nash usually plays the role of PG and is actually quite tall for his position. On top of that he too possesses Street-Ball handles and excellent passing sense. In his passes he also possesses a special variety called the No-motion quirk. This pass doesn’t has any premonition like change of pace in dribbling which makes it difficult to intercept. With use of Emperor Eye However Akashi was able to steal the ball. He also possesses a future predicting eye like Akashi. Belial eye is culmination of all the other eyes in the series like the Emperor Eye, Hawk Eye etc. Gold’s eye allows him to see how the game would proceed with current pace. Hence its matter of simple change for him to rewrite the game’s future.

1. Kise Ryōta

Kise was the last member to join the Generation Of Miracles. He also awakens his true talent last. Kise is one of the most unique player capable of playing any positions in the game. Actually Kise entered Basketball due to lack of competition in other games in Teiko High. Kise has a routine of joining sports but often he would easily excel in all of them be it soccer, tennis etc. This was attributed to his talent of copying.Related image

However when he joins Basketball he realizes competition was tough. Especially when he met other members of GOM. He was incapable of copying their skill due to high level in Junior High but by High school he was able to break that barrier and was able to develop his trump card ‘perfect copy’. This skill allows him to copy the techniques of any player of Generation of Miracle. He can do so as he used to play closely with them in Junior High. One of the other fundamental reasons behind the success of perfect copy is that Kise has extraordinary strength, Jumping power and High speed. Another precondition for copying for Kise is that his attributes should be more than Target’s attributes in those areas.

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In the Last Game, Kise makes a crucial decision for victory for his team. He decides instead of double teaming Silver with Aomine he should be more than enough to do the job. This infuriates Silver who tries to crush Vorpal Swords with his rampage. However Kise manages to stop him and activates zone in the process. By activating both Zone and Perfect Copy Kise becomes strongest player on the court even overpowering Silver single-handedly. He also shuts down the complete offense of Team Jabberwock and cuts their huge lead down to single digit. After this he collapses from exhaustion in short while as repercussion of using the two techniques together.

Image result for Kuroko the last game

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