In the recent Episode of One Punch Man, Garou fights Genos as his limiter starts to break. After hunting down the group of Heroes consisting of A and B ranks which ambushed him near an abandoned warehouse Garou faces a tough opponent. S class hero Genos enters the fight.Image result for Garou saitama images

This chapter is full of action sequences and combat at high speed. The pacing of chapter is such that it keeps you on your toes to figure out who has the upper hand. After exchange of blows Genos tries to trick Garou into trap but this ends in failure. However Genos figures out Garou’s strategy. He realizes that Garou keeps evading till he figures out how to counterattack with Water steam rock smashing fist.Related image

On the other side of the chapter King and Saitama are having match in video games. King is on the last silver of his health and Saitama makes another comical boast about how he is going to win. Nevertheless King beats Saitama again and taunts him about his simple strategy. He than goes on to boast how he can beat Saitama with two eyes closed. The score is 81-0 in King’s favor. Than they receive a monster alert and after exchange about Genos & Monsters. Saitama worries about him not taking care of threat & prepares to leave.Image result for King saitama Garou

We than return to initial portion where Garou and Genos are still taking out. Garou admires Genos’s skill set and comments how he is in trouble considering his current state. Garou than copies Watchdog man’s moves and tries to break Genos’s arms. Nevertheless Genos has improved a lot since the fight with Gouketsu. His modified arm pins Garou to a tree while Genos prepares the finishing blow. Garou dodges the blow by breaking out with sheer power. At this point Monster Association members enter and assist Garou. They try a surprise attack on Genos which fails miserably thanks to the improvements from previous fights. Image result for garou vs watchdog man

Garou reiterates he doesn’t need help but welcomes the respite. Though its shot lived as Garou’s former master Bang and His brother Bomb enter the fray. Garou’s limiter has started to loosen up during the course of chapter. Bang requests Genos to leave his student to him while Bomb takes care of the Monsters. Both the master and student take stance and attack each other. The chapter ends at cliff hanger with Garou seemingly been beaten up.

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