One Piece’s 20th Anniversary. Oda Thanks The Fans!

Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of One Piece. One Piece started its serialisation back in July 1997. That was the first time when it started featuring in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump. Both Eiichiro Oda and One Piece have come a long way. One Piece’s 20th anniversary was quite emotional.

Many of us have grown up with it. One Piece holds a special place in our hears.
One Piece's 20th
In order to celebrate the anniversary, the Shōnen Jump’s official YouTube channel posted two special videos featuring readers in the real world and the characters’ “Thank You” moments in the manga. One Piece manga has printed 350 million copies in Japan and 66 million copies in over 43 countries/regions in the world. These are the names of the two videos that were uploaded- “One Piece” 20th anniversary movie (30-second version) “Thank you for your support” movie (80-second). Also, the Japan Anniversary Association has officially recognised July 22 as “One Piece Day”. They declared this a few days back. The first chapter of the manga was published in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 34th issue of 1997 released in Japan on July 22, 1997. There has been some other big news regarding One Piece. It is going to a live-action series. The details about the series haven’t been revealed yet. But, it is something to look forward to.
I sincerely hope that One Piece and Oda-sensei will continue their awesome work of entertaining fans throughout the world. Good luck Oda-sensei!!
That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your suggestions below.

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