One Piece Live Action Series Coming Out Soon!

I have pretty big news for all the One Piece freaks. In the celebration for the 20th anniversary the legendary manga, One Piece has announced there is going to be a live action drama. Yes! A One Piece live action series. The Straw Hat Crew will be be turning into reality with this live-action drama!

This is the first live-action venture of the series in its 20 years. It will be produced as an TV show by Tomorrow Studios, led by Marty Adelstein (Prison Break,Last Man Standing). We don’t have much details on cast, staff and the release. We are anxiously waiting for the release of the details to emerge. But, this is going to be huge. This is one of the biggest projects of the One Piece franchise.
One Piece Live Action
Also, another part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, July 22 has been officially designated as One Piece Day by the Japan Anniversary Association. Yes, you heard that right. Japan officially has a One Piece day every year now! Although, it is not going to be a holiday. This just points out how much influence One Piece has in Japan. One Piece has really not hit the same levels as DBZ or Naruto in U.S, but, in Japan, the One Piece manga is treated like the best there is.
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