Oda Reveals Official Date For Wano Arc. Reverie Coming Up!

I know that all of you were waiting for this day to arrive. It was about time when Goda (God+ Oda) finally answered ours prayers. Wano’s debut date has been released. A few hours earlier it was confirmed that Wano is actually quite some time away. We are able to get this news, thanks to Sandman on Twitter. Oda has now confirmed in the Super Kabuki 2 One Piece Grand Live book that Wano arc is at least 1-2 years away from starting.

This came as a shock to me and a lot of fans, as a few months back it was announced that we would be getting in 2017. However this time, the God himself has spoken up. It is a win-win situation for Sanji fans as they will finally be able to enjoy more of Sanji and Whole Cake Island.

As we know that in both the previous two arcs, Sanji had a very limited role. At Dressrosa, he was sent to Zou fairly early. Later when Luffy and co. had finally defeated Doflamingo and made their way to Zou, Sanji was already taken to the Whole Cake Island to marry Charlotte Pudding (one of Big Mom’s daughters) His rival, Roronoa Zoro had been stealing the spotlights. Who can forget what he did to Pica! However, in Whole Cake Island, Sanji is the centre of attention.

Due to the earlier revelation by the One Piece editor, most of us believed that Whole Cake Island would soon be wrapping up. But that doesn’t look like the case. Whole Cake Island will be extended and Sanji will see more screen time.
However, this is not the only big news. It looks like that we will be getting an extended Reverie Arc as well. Earlier, it was believed that Reverie would be among the shortest arcs in series. However, Oda has different plans for the show. After Whole Cake Island, we will be getting the Reverie Arc, which will probably be a One Piece arc without any Strawhats involved in it. This arc would be focused on the superpowers of the One Piece world. The Kings of the different countries allied with the World Government, Gorosei and Monkey D. Dragon with his Revolutionary Army.
Wano Arc
It may finally be time to reveal the powers of the mysterious Monkey D. Dragon. Then comes the possibility of getting the Marco Retrieval arc. It will involve the other half of the Straw Hats, Law and Nekomamushi. They had set out to bring Marco and the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates. We still don’t know if Marco is still alive or not, but I’m guessing we’ll know that soon enough.
Last but not the least, it has been confirmed that Ace will have a part to play in Wano Arc.

Maybe one or two episodes will be based on him. So, the Wano arc is worth waiting. Lots of action and drama coming up. Start saving up on your nails.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your opinions on Wano Arc below.

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New Strawhats Bounties After Whole Cake Island Arc

Normally, the bounty of a pirate crew is raised due to law breaking and their encounters with the law enforcing agencies. Also, destruction of property and slaughter are also important factors. But, during the Wholecake Island arc no marines were involved. So, the presence of “Big News” Morgans who is the president of the World Economic Journal and one of the emperors of the Underworld could lead to a change in the bounties of the SH crew that made it to Wholecake Island. After Doffy’s defeat the bounty of most the SHs was raised by 50m beli. So, a raise of upto 100m seems eminent as they crashed a wedding in a Yonkou’s Prime territory (in her presence) and also made Big Mom faint for sometime. This list is about the possible change in bounties or the new Strawhats bounties when the arc ends.

Let’s begin –


Although the World Government sees him only as the Straw Hats pet and put a 100 beli bounty on him at the end of Dressrosa, he is very powerful during his various ‘points’. The monster point or kung fu point for instance. In addition to being a very skilled doctor. He played a big role along with Carrot in defeating Charlotte Brulee and using her to their advantage. He might not however get his deserved bounty in this arc, but during the Wano arc. So, his bounty might possibly be increased by 100 beli more to 200 beli.


She’s is a rabbit mink who may not look it but is an extremely skilled hand to hand fighter. She can also use electro like the other minks. She actually joined the Sanji retrieval team as a stowaway aboard the Sunny. The SHs later agreed to take her with them. Her fearless actions during the WC arc could possibly earn her, her first bounty which could be of the order of a 100m beli.


She has been on her toes during this arc and helped Luffy defeat the sweet commander, Charlotte Cracker, which at one point seemed impossible. She has been using her wit and knowledge of the weather to great advantage. She even managed to tricked Zeus and her subsequent attack left Big Mom laying at the bottom of a crater. Her bounty could be increased by 100m beli to 166m beli. Among the new Strawhats bounties, she deserved it the most.


He has been brilliant during this whole arc. He defeated the chess soldiers at the beginning. He managed to get a copy of the poneglyph under Big Mom’s control, from right under her nose. He later shattered the picture of Big Mom’s mentor ‘Mother’ during the chaos at the wedding and sent her into a shock! Which is a pretty big feat. So he deserves an increased bounty of 190m beli from his previous 83m beli bounty! Continue Reading The Post


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