Why Katakuri Will Join The Strawhat Grand Fleet

Oh my God, the Whole Cake island arc is getting more and more intense by every passing second. Katakuri vs Luffy is on the brink of its end, and it is by the best fight that Luffy has ever fought. It is also the rise of new amazing antagonist in One Piece. All One Piece fans are hyped to see what would be the outcome of this intense battle, and I myself support Katakuri with all my heart and even if he loses, Katakuri still won the fight in my opinion.

I can bet many of the fans that were talking shit about Katakuri now after reading the last few chapters you are one of his fans. But, let’s put that aside and focus on the topic.

Due to the recent chapters, I was thinking if Katakuri would join the ranks of the Strawhat Grand Fleet, or not. If he does join, what would be the reason for him to joining the Grand Fleet, and if not what will be its reason. So, basically in today’s theory, I will be talking about Katakuri and the Strawhat Grand Fleet.
Let’s begin –



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