Inners & Outers— Kara’s Real Powers

Boruto Chapter 17 has been out for quite some time now. The chapter is worth reading ASAP. It didn’t have much action or fighting that I was actually hoping for. However, the manga didn’t disappoint with its quality. The manga reintroduced an old character from the Naruto series, who was supposed to be dead. His name? Ao from Kirigakure. Kara's He is Kara’s latest member.

I’m here to discuss something that caught my eye when Koji talked to Ao about the vessel. Kashin Koji mentioned something about “outers” and “inners.” It has raised a few questions in my head. Ao is an outer for all we know, while as Koji is an inner. Let’s first talk about the “Outers.” Judging from this chapter​, it is fair to assume the rest of the outers are Jōnin level or touching Jōnin level. If this really turns out to be the case, then Kara is nothing like the Akatsuki, who had a handful of members. Kara looks a much bigger and better organisation. Next come the “Inners” and Kashin Koji is one of them.

My guess wouldn’t be that all the member of the Kara who were present during their first ever introduction are “Inners.” Now on to the powers, as we know that the outers are at least Jōnin level, then it would make sense for the Inners to be Kage level or even beyond that. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they really are Kage level, cause they to need to surpass all the previous criminals from the original series. I am done talking about the two things I mentioned awhile back. However, I’d like to add another thing so as to close the debate. The third term is “Elders.” Koji said that the “Elders” rate the vessel quite highly and they want it back. So, is it possible that Jigen isn’t the actual leader and someone else is pulling the strings from the shadows?

Sure. Why not? We have seen the example of such a situation in Naruto time and time again. So, I wouldn’t rule it out. They must be Ōtsutsuki level characters, meaning they’re not someone that a regular Jōnin or even a Kage can handle. It’s pretty obvious that if Kara are planning something against the Hidden Leaf or even against the entire Shinobi World, they must know the power of their enemies. Heading in recklessly would only lead to countless deaths. I’m sure that Kara would have kept these things in mind before making any further plans. Naruto and Sasuke would be the biggest hindrances to their plans so they will need to confront them sooner or later.

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