Gear 4 Snakeman – All Powers And Attacks – Revealed

In One Piece manga chapter 895, we all saw something amazing which was pleasing to our eyes, and that was Gear 4 Snakeman. This form was recently revealed by Oda and every single One Piece fan was hyped to see this form. And we got what we hoped for in this chapter, Oda didn’t disappoint us. Oda showed us that he is more creative than ever before in this fight.

We saw Gear 4 Snakeman which was looking quite amazing and we were blown away by that. Most of the powers and abilities of this Gear were revealed.
Gear 4 Snakeman
In today’s article, I will be briefly explaining what the power, abilities, techniques of Gear 4 Snakeman are, and how it is stronger than any other Gear that Luffy possesses. Let’s begin



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