Fairy Tail Ending Soon! Anime’s Finale Will Premiere In 2018!

After the joyful One Piece day yesterday, we have got some depressing news for you. Hiro Mashima, who is the author of the author of the Fairy Tail manga has taken to Twitter to break some really big news about Fairy Tail. He said that the final season of TV anime is scheduled for 2018. Fairy tail ending is surely gonna leave fans pretty depressed.

The 2006 manga ends next week with The manga, which started in 2006, will end next week with Chapter 545, entitled “Irreplaceable Friends.” Due to its popularity, it was adapted into an anime with eight seasons (nine, including Zero) from 2009 to 2016. It is time for fans to set their reminders and mark their calendars for this big event.
Fairy Tail Ending
The last time “Fairy Tail” debuted new episodes was back in 2016. The season which is entitled “Fairy Tail Zero”, is a prequel to the original story of Mashima about the story of the mages who founded the “Fairy Tail” guild.
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