Major Details About Boruto Episode 8 & 9 Revealed!

Hey everyone! The Boruto anime started a lot different from the Boruto Manga. We began at the Academy, unlike in the manga, where we started when Boruto became a Genin. The content going on may be called Non-Canon by some, but it is supervised by Masashi Kishimoto himself. So, you can all decide for yourself. We had information about Boruto Episode 8, and 9 earlier.
The info said:
Boruto Episode 8 – “Message of the Dream”
Boruto dreams of someone giving him his Dōjutsu.
Boruto Episode 8

Episode 9 – “My Own Proof”
Boruto tries to activate his Dōjutsu.
Well recently, we got a little more detail about what’s going to happen in the episodes and we are so damn hyped!
According to Sources,
Boruto Episode 8 will show someone giving Boruto his Dōjutsu.

Boruto will get emotional, because he thinks it’s a Byakugan, which it definitely is not.
But that’s not the good part. Episode 9 is even better and we have details on that as well!
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  1. I’m hyped too bro after reading this. But i don’t think boruto at his current state can defeat hanabi who is a great user of byakugan. But if something like boruto himself consciously or unconcsiously unleashes the power of his unknown doujutsu it will be greater than great to watch. Hey please put on your reviews of episodes fast. I live in india so it takes time for me to learn or see newly aired episodes. I hope you understand

    • Hanabi is likely Chūnin/Jonin by now. she’s from Konohamaru’s age, so there’s no chance he can beat her.
      Also, the reviews are out the same day as the episode. Just a couple of hours later.


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