Is There A Connection Between Boruto And Kawaki??

The chances of this happening are quite low but, I think it could be possible. Byakugan This will give their fight a little more spice if it were to happen.

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your opinions about this theory below.

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    • Sasuke won’t remain at the village for long as we know. So, I don’t really think that Boruto would follow him on his travels.

  1. Kawaki’s mark looks very identical to Boruto’s mark and most likely Kawaki got his mark by defeating a member of the Otsutsuki. So, if Boruto got his by defeating Momoshiki Otsutsuki, then Kawaki must have gotten his by defeating another Otsutsuki: the question is, which Otsutsuki did Kawaki defeat?

    • It’s not necessary that Kawaki got his marks after defeating an Ōtsutsuki. Also, it is not guaranteed that a person gets marks on his body after defeating an Ōtsutsuki.

      • I saw their marks together, the only difference was color, other than that, they were the same, Boru to got that mark from Momoshiki’s spirit, which means Kawaki got his from another Otsutsuki. Speaking of Otsutsuki: Kaguya was preparing white Zetsu army for Momoshiki and Kinshinki, but in the episode: Fabricated Past, there were only three shadow figures of Otsutsuki’s two of them been Momoshiki and Kinshiki, the third one is unknown, so who is the third guy?

  2. When kaguya was creating an army to combat momoshiki, kinshiki and the third unknown guy, this was before hagomoro and hamura became sages, those markingsame that boruto and kayaking possess appear to be more ancient than the six paths powers that hagomoro bestowed upon naruto and sasuke: if boruto got his from an ancient otsutsuki like momoshiki , then kawaki must have got his marking from around that alley. So what is the name of the place kaguya came from? I do not know and I don’t know what prophecy is set into motion, but one thing is certainly clear: those markings that both boruto and kawaki have are more powerful than hagomoro’s level.


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