Top 10 Strongest Characters Without Kekkei Genkai


Kekkei Genkai is a very strong ability, that only a few characters in Naruto possess. However, not every strong character possessed one.
Here are the top 10 strongest characters who didn’t possess a Kekkei Genkai, Kekkei Tōta or Kekkei Mōra.
Let’s begin—
10. Kisame
Kekkei Genkai
We begin the list with Kisame. He was an S rank Ninja, a member of Akatsuki, and a swordsman of Mist. Kisame also possessed insane stamina, and chakra. He was able to fight against Might Guy, and even survived his One hit K.O, Hirudora.

9. Konan

Konan is one of the most underrated Ninja in Naruto. She could also use paper based Ninjutsu, which was strong enough to defeat Sasori, and even the Five Tails Jinchuuriki, Han. Konan could also use a Ninjutsu capable of destroying the entire planet. I believe she is clearly one of the strongest of those who were not powered by any Kekkei Genkai.


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