Boruto Episode 7-10 Titles and Synopsis Revealed!

The Boruto series has impressed us all so far. After Naruto Shippuden ended, few expected much from Boruto, but the series has turned quite a few heads over the days.

Further, fans are more and more interested in want the series has to offer, and so far, we have had 6 episode, which have all been above average. Recently, @YonkoProd on Twitter, revealed the titles of Boruto Episode 7-10, which look pretty exciting to say the least.
The titles of the episodes are as follows.

Episode 7 – “Love and Potato Chips”

Ep 8 – “Message of the Dream”

Episode 9 – “My Own Proof”

Episode 10 – “Ghost Incident, Begin Investigation!”

A little more detail about the episodes was also revealed. You’ll all be very excited to know that the next few episodes will reveal a lot of information about the NEW eye that Boruto possesses. We have received some info about the synopsis of the episodes, and you can check it out on the next page.
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