Boruto Episode 36 Spoilers— Students vs Teachers

In this post, we’re going to discuss the spoilers of Boruto Episode 36. But, before go ahead, let’s go through the brief summary of the previous episode. Boruto episode 35 attracted a lot of attention from the fans. Mainly because of Sukea appearance in the anime or as he is better known as Kakashi Hatake to millions of fans all around the world. In the episode Kakashi took the appearance of Sukea and went to the Academy.
Boruto Episode 36
He introduced himself as a journalist and asked the students several questions. Now let us start with the spoilers from Boruto episode 36.

As we already know that Graduation Exams start in the episode. In order to pass the exams, Boruto and the other students need to take the bells from Kakashi within the day. There is only one bell and it is with Kakashi, so the students pursue Kakashi in order to take the bell. Kakashi is hiding somewhere in the forest. It’s not as simple as it seems though as the other teachers stand in way. Boruto starts chasing the Sixth Hokage while Mitsuki begins to fight Shino Aburame.

I think it’s quite crazy as Mitsuki is going to face Shino, who is a pretty powerful character head on. This going to be a huge testament to Mitsuki’s power and it is a good chance for him to show the people what he’s actually made of.
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