Boruto Episode 23 Review- The Uchiha Family!

Hey everyone! I’m here with this week’s Boruto Episode 23 Review, and i think we may just have the bet episode episode from the series so far on our hands. The episode continues from Sasuke and the team searching for Shin, who has taken Sakura Haruno as a captive.

Sarada’s arc has been going on extremely well so far. And I’m honest when I’m saying that this arc has really been top notch.

Every episode has been amazing, and Boruto Episode 23 was the high point of this arc.
Boruto Episode 23 Review
Most of us have already read the manga, but even then, there were moments that took you by surprise, like the fight sequence with Sakura and Shin. Further, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno’s team work was also something that was worth watching.

As Sasuke and the rest arrive at Shin’s hideout, Sarada and Sasuke rush in, while Naruto Uzumaki holds the rest of the Shin clones at bay. Sakura behind her fight with Shin, and does extremely well.

I think that fight sequence was beautifully animated. Ultimately, Shin does manage to injure Sakura slightly. However, note that Sakura is not even using her full powers here.

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