Boruto Episode 22 Review – Connected Feelings!

Hey everyone! I’m here with this week’s Boruto Episode 22 Review, and let me say this, the Boruto anime is getting better by the day. In the previous episode, we saw how Shin Uchiha attacked Naruto and Sasuke, and Sakura was taken as a captive. This episode didn’t have as much action as the previous one, but it was better in so many ways. We finally got some information on the connection between Sarada and Karin, thanks to Suigetsu.

Naruto, again was the talking point of the episode.

The famous Talk no Jutsu was also brought back in this episode, and it was glorious to see how Naruto can change people within seconds. Sasuke Uchiha was the douchebag of the episode, but honestly, he’s just being misunderstood. It was funny to see Naruto question Sasuke about it, anyway.

Seeing as Shin Uchiha had now disappeared, Sasuke was able to notice the resemblance between him and Danzo. So, obviously, his best bet was Orochimaru.

It is great the even though Sasuke and Orochimaru didn’t really end on good terms, they’re still teacher and student. Orochimaru was the main reason why Sasuke got as far as he did. Otherwise he wouldn’t even be close to that level.

Seeing Orochimaru back was great. It was Orochimaru who told them about Shin’s past, and why he called himself “Uchiha”.

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