Boruto Episode 21 Review – Team 7 Reunites!

Hey everyone! I’m here with this week’s Boruto Episode 21 Review. We’re midway through the Naruto Gaiden arc, and it’s turning out to be a great arc. The animation looks decent, and the adaptation from manga to anime looks good as well. We were introduced to one of the clones of Shin Uchiha in the previous episode.

The real Shin made an appearance in this episode, and we also got to see him fight against Naruto and Sasuke. You’d say he’s stupid to even try something like that, but he almost had them with his trickery. Not that either of them were using their real power.

As Sarada’s arc progresses further, we continued from where Sarada met with her father. Naruto and Chocho joined them soon enough. The conversation between Sasuke and Sarada didn’t really go as she might’ve planned.
Boruto Episode 21 Review
We also found out through a flashbacks that Sasuke is looking for traces left by Kaguya, and he is searching for more information on any emerging threat. Sasuke and Naruto’s reunion in cut short when Shin Uchiha makes his introduction, and he does so in some fashion.

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