Boruto Episode 18 Review – The Uzumaki Family

Hey everyone! I’m here with this week’s Boruto Episode 18 Review. To be honest, I didn’t expect the episode to be this good, and it really did take me back. There were a lot of references to the old times, and Naruto was there for one whole episode, which you don’t get to see everyday anymore. With this episode, we’re finally done with the transition to Naruto Gaiden. In Next week’s Boruto Episode 29, we’re finally getting to see Naruto Gaiden, which us fans have waited for such a long time. From last episode’s preview, it looked as if this episode was just going to be a re-animation of the OVA “The Day Naruto Became The Hokage”, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, most of the episode was new content.

Boruto Episode 18 Review
As Himawari Uzumaki was sick, Boruto remembered the day when she awakened her Byakugan, and gave the entire family a very hard time. This was, of course, also the same day that Naruto was elected as the Seventh Hokage. A quarrel between Boruto and Himawari led to her Byakugan being awakened. Naruto was knocked out as he tried to protect Boruto from his sister.

Konohamaru Sarutobi posed as Naruto during the ceremony.
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