6 Boruto Characters Who Have Tailed Beast Chakra

The Sage of Six Paths divided the Ten Tails’ chakra into separate Nine Tailed beasts, each classified by the number of tails a beast is having. Each tailed beast has an enormous amount of chakra and hence characters possessing this chakra are very powerful. Here’s a list of the Boruto characters who I think might have access to Tailed Beast Chakra.

6. Killer Bee

Killer Bee is the jinchuuriki of the eight tailed beast, Gyuki. He is one of very few Jinchuuriki who have been able to befriend the tailed beast inside them. He uses this power of his to protect Kumo , the Village hidden by clouds. Bee maybe the most lively, and funny character ever. He has complete control over the chakra of Gyuki, and his power was enough to fight against multiple Tailed Beasts at once. Hence, he is very powerful, and even now, he maintains that status.

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