Boruto Chapter 19 — Kara vs Team Konohamaru?

Boruto Chapter 18 wasn’t exactly what the fans were hoping for. It was kind of a dull and boring chapter if take the previous few chapters into consideration. In this post I’m going to discuss Boruto chapter 19 and the possible showdown between Kara and Team Konohamaru. The chapter wasn’t half bad, we got the hint of what the future of the shinobi world will be. I’m not too pleased about the science thing. Call me an old fashioned person, but seriously they’re taking it too far.

Earlier it was a gadget which negated the use of chakra or any hand seals, and it was used by Boruto in the Chūnin Exams to cheat his way through, while the other people were showing off the results of their training.

In the manga, we also saw that Katasuke created an arm which could absorb ninjutsu. Now that’s taking it too far. A mechanical arm gives a person the power of the Rinnegan, which is a legendary eye.
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  1. You do know that he sent the team there because they were the only ones close to the incident with konohamaru correct? If he had sent another time they probably would have arrived late and konohamaru more than likely would have been permanently gone.

  2. Most importantly, it’s didn’t sound like boruto’s team was his first choice (more like a default choice) even with their close proximity to konohamaru location. Naruto said “If the threat seems large then wait for backup to arrive”. To me it seems as if Naruto call on another search-and-recuse team before contacting boruto for help.

  3. The fact that normal people can get their hands on tech equal to the rinnegan is going to be the main conflict of this series, I think. I like it. It’s unique, the villains don’t have to escalate so we can avoid the series turning into Dragonball, where the world has to be at stake. Maybe the normal people with this new found tech overthrow the Ninja, treating shinobi like dated relics of an old violent time.


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