Best Shooters in Kuroko no Basuke

Basketball is about scoring points, after all one can only win a game by completing its objective. This involves shooting-firing the ball towards the hoop. So its no surprise that winning teams have the best shooters. Shooting isn’t as simple as throwing the ball towards the basket. Rather it is a dynamic battle between the defender and shooter. With Defender doing every thing possible to stop the shooter. Read on to know how these Shooters stay at the top of the game.

8.Kuroko Tetsuya

Kuroko initially wasn’t good at all at shooting. He was good only at passing which he used
improved further by learning how to misdirect opponent’s attention. However soon Kuroko hit a wall where couldn’t figure out how to further improve himself. This is when he decides to learn shooting from the best shooter amongst GOM Aomine Daiki.Image result for phantom shot GIF

Aomine teaches him the importance of comfort level and the essentials of shooting. He makes him realize that Kuroko could simply pass the ball to hoop as his passes had unbelievable accuracy. Kuroko is thus able to come up with “Phantom Shot”. Thus Kuroko is able to score crucial points against Yosen High match and break that “Aegis Shield of Defense”. However in the match against Kaijo High the captain Kasamatsu is able to figure out the shot and is able to stop it. Still it remains to be one of Kuroko’s unique moves.

7. Himuro Tatsuya

Himuro Tatsuya is the second year player from Yosen High who plays as Shooting Guard. Under Alex’s tutelage he has honed his shooting skills to perfection. Mirage Shot is the result of this training. This shot in Real world is actually a carry foul so you can’t replicate it in actual game.Mirage Shot

In Mirage Shot there are actually two releases. First one is a fake and on second one he actually shoots the ball. However even if someone knows the mechanics Himuro can time the shot based on opponent’s timing of the jump. If he jumps early he will release the ball on second release. However if opponent goes for second release he would shoot it the first time itself. Kagami stops the shot completely in zone by jumping really high. This time even though Himuro’s release is late Kagami was high enough to block the shot.

6.Ryō Sakurai

Image result for Sakurai shooting gif

Ryō Sakurai is the first year student from Too Academy. Like the above two Sakurai has a special shot called the Quick Release shot. This shot is like a typical three pointer. However its release is so fast that its very difficult for any defender to stop the shot. Also as Sakurai sets in his scoring regimen he displays his other personality. Whilst normally Sakurai is shy and timid but when he is starts to score he becomes arrogant and highly competitive.

5.Junpei Hyūga

Image result for Hyuuga Junpei shooting gif

Junpei Hyuga is the captain of Team Seirin and the clutch shooter of the team. It was Riko who helped him perfect his clutch shooting by telling him to break his favorite toys every time he missed a shot. By following this regimen Hyuga was able to perfect his three point shoots to the point that under pressure his shots become even better (i.e. they don’t miss).

Hyuga is extremely talented in terms of shooting. He was able to go toe to toe against one of the members of uncrowned kings Mibuchi. He was able to learn “Barrier Jump” from Kagetora. This helped him to face off against other shooter and overcome the difficulty of relying on screens-strategic placing to make his shots. He was even able to copy Mibuchi’s Earth form in the finals and ironically use it against him.

4.Reo Mibuchi

Image result for Reo Mibuchi earth shot gif
Shooter Mibuchi

Reo Mibuchi is one of the ‘Uncrowned Kings’ and member of team Rakuzan. Yaksha is actually name of nightmare spirit something which every player who faces off against Mibuchi can attest to. He has three kinds off shots: Earth, Void and Heaven which he uses like Rock-paper-scissor style.

  • The Earth shot involves a fake along with three point shot making it a 4 point play
  • The Heaven shot involves jumping high and executing a fade away shot. Very difficult to block especially for defenders.
  • The Void is Mibuchi’s best shooting form and final weapon. The trick behind the shot is that Mibuchi’s deeper squat which gives him the energy to jump. While the opponent is left on ground incapable of blocking the shot.

The best way to counter is Mibuchi is to figure out Center of Gravity of his shots like Hyuga did. Than blocking his shots become very easy.

3.Kise Ryota

Image result for kise perfect copy GIF
Kise Shooter

Kise is member of Generation of Miracles and Kaijo High whose main talent is copying. He can copy skills of other players especially if he is physically stronger than them in the attributes involved. As matter of fact the main reason why Kise is higher than many others is because of his copying talent. He can also copy other Generation of Miracles Shooters but to do so he has to be in “Perfect Copy”. A skill which allows him to copy other GOM for limited time. With this Kise has copied Kuroko’s Phantom shot, Midorima’s High Projectile three and Aomine’s Formless shots.

2. Midorima Shintaro

Related image
Midorima shooter

Midorima is the vice captain of Shutoku High and another member of Generation of Miracles. He is the best when it comes to Distance shooting. Virtually there is no distance from which he can’t shoot the ball on court. Other aspects of his shooting include the ridiculously high arc, Very high accuracy and precision and stamina. All these three qualities make Midorima a true monster especially the high accuracy and the number of such shots he can make. He is the best amongst Generation Miracles when it comes to three pointers. He can also take shots directly from pass this shot is known as sky direct 3 point shot. Akashi has shown the weakness of this technique in the semi finals however its still an unassailable weapon.

1. Aomine Daiki

Shooter Aomine
formless shot

If Midorima can take a shot at any distance from the hoop than Aomine can take any shot at any angle. The Ace of Generation of Miracle and Too Academy is one hell of scoring machine. No one can beat him when it comes to scoring and often he has made several other players quit the game by showcasing this ability. He can often draw fouls when scoring making it a typical three point game. This makes it even more difficult for defenders to stop him from scoring. His shots are often called Formless shots as his shots don’t have the typical shooting form. Rather they are just thrown at hoop in an unconventional way. All this without doubt makes Aomine the Best shooter of the series.

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