8 Deadly Naruto Jutsu That Could Kill Anyone

Naruto is known for giving its characters unique, and powerful Jutsu. Over the years, we have seen some powerful characters using super powerful jutsu that could kill almost anyone. Today on TheAnimeScrolls, let’s go through 8 Naruto jutsu that i think could kill anyone.
Let’s begin—

8. Bocho GudoudamaNaruto jutsu
Kaguya Ōtsutsuki used Bocho Gudoudama during the Fourth Great Ninja War. It is the expanded form of a regular Truth Seeking Ball, it is composed of all the Five Nature Transformations, and Yin and Yang Release. When she stranded the people in the God tree, she then extracted their chakra to create this huge truth seeking ball. Also, unlike normal truth seeking balls, Bocho Gudoudama can be generated from nothing. It has the power to erase an dimension into nothingness. It might be the deadliest Naruto jutsu.

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