7 Jutsu That Also Damage The User In Naruto

We’ve seen so many Jutsu in Naruto that do large scale damage. Some of these Jutsu, however, come at a price. They hurt the user, and some even kill them.
Here are 7 Jutsu that damage its own user.
Any Jutsu kills the User is NOT included.
Let’s begin—

7. Fuuton: Rasenshuriken
Naruto Uzumaki is the creator of this technique. He infused the Rasengan with the Wind Style Nature to create it. With this technique, he is able to one-shot almost anyone it hits. However, it comes at a price. According to Tsunade, this jutsu damages the chakra molding capability of Naruto, and is hence termed as a Forbidden Jutsu. However, when used with Sage Chakra, it is completely harmless.

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