All 7 Hokage Of Konoha Ranked In Naruto

6. Naruto Uzumaki
7 hokage
Naruto Uzumaki became the Hokage after Kakashi Hatake’s reign was over. He was already married by that time, and had two children namely Boruto, and Himawari. Little is known about him and his reign so far, but he did save Konoha from the threat of Momoshiki Otsutsuki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki, which is a big feat. I’m sure we’ll see more of him pretty soon.

5. Tsunade Senju

Tsunade Senju was the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. She was elected Hokage after Hiruzen Sarutobi died. Tsunade managed to save the village from the threat of Pain, as she saved countless lives. She also led the Leaf through the 4th Great Ninja War, where she played a major part in Konoha’s Victory.

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