All 5 Naruto Characters Who Have More Endurance Than The Third Raikage

2. Tsunade Senju- Third Raikage
Tsunade was the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju. She was an expert medical nin. Also, Tsunade had the ability to use Creation Rebirth technique. After gaining the ability to use thee creation rebirth, Tsunade was also able to use strength of a hundred technique. Furthermore, her body was split in half but she survived even that.


  1. First off I don’t know why you put tsunade at number 2 that just blasphemous nagato durability is not better than raikage neither is tsunade you sound like a raikage hater raikage was able to survive being transported at the speed of light and let me remind you he was the only ninja during his time to do this. Tsunade had to weave sign 100 healing justu just so she can survive and she still ssuffer injuries


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