13 Strongest Members Of Konoha ANBU In History

The ANBU is a special unit specifically used by the Kage for covert operations. The members of ANBU Black ops are handpicked by the Kage from the academy for their unique individual skills. Today we will look at the strongest members of Konohagakure ANBU till date. Let’s begin—

13. Yugao Uzuki ANBU
Yugao Uzuki was a member of Konohagakure’s Root from childhood. Later, she joined up with team Rō, which was under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake. She is a sensory type ninja and is skilled in kenjutsu as well. During the fourth Great Ninja War, she played a part in sealing Hayate, her former lover.

12. Kabuto YakushiAnbu
Kabuto Yakushi was an orphan. He became a member of the root under Danzo Shimura. Kabuto used to work as a spy at ANBU, and he has spied in different countries. He then accidentally killed his own mother, this incident led him to join Orochimaru. He is easily one of the best spies in Naruto history.

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